WARRINGTON Rylands skipper and centre-half Gary Kenny introduces us to his teammates...

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Graeme McCall (goalkeeper)

As influential off the pitch as he is on it. A calming figure on the field yet the heart and soul of the dressing room.

Graeme McCall. Picture by Mark Percy

Graeme McCall. Picture by Mark Percy

Callum Spencer (goalkeeper)

One of the quiet lads in the dressing room who never lets the lads down when he's called upon.

Mike Emery (goalkeeper)

More clubs than Tiger Woods! Recently returned to the club and is a great lad to have around. Superb goalkeeper too.

Adam Jones (defender)

A top lad and a top footballer. I'm not sure what's worse though, his accent or his heading ability!

Callum Lees (defender)

A calm and composed defender, Callum's got a very bright future ahead of him.

Warren Gerrard (defender/midfielder)

The angriest many you will ever come across! Unbelievably talented lad though who performs to an extremely high level no matter what position he plays.

Warren Gerrard. Picture by Mike Boden

Warren Gerrard. Picture by Mike Boden

Michael Simpson (defender/midfielder)

Technically gifted footballer, bags of energy which enables him to get up and down the pitch whether he's playing in midfield or full back. Brilliant lad, too.

Joe Denman (defender)

Mr Grip'd himself, the seven-foot softie! Superb defender who's a brilliant lad to have around the club.

Rick Smith (defender)

Hasn't been with us long but he's had a massive influence on the team. Reads the game so well, possibly the best defender I've seen at this level.

Tom Freeman (full-back)

Road runner – not someone that you want to come up against too often. Blessed with pace and chips in with a couple of goals too.

Jack Tinning (full-back)

Wand of a left foot and solid defensively. Jack's settled in to the club really well.

Andy Scarisbrick (midfielder)

The sky is the limit for Andy. There's no better sight than him driving through the middle of the pitch. If only he realised just how good he actually is – frightening talent!

Andy Scarisbrick. Picture by Mike Boden

Andy Scarisbrick. Picture by Mike Boden

Charlie Doyle (midfielder)

He's been outstanding since he signed on 18 months ago – I don't know how someone can run so much when they go on a heavy session every weekend! Brilliant lad who's a massive part of the dressing room.

Sam Sheen (midfielder)

If I was going to war, I would be taking Sam Sheen with me – the lad loves a tackle! He reads the game so well, he always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Joe Coveney (midfielder)

"Mr Blue Tick." Technically gifted who doesn't mind scrapping around when needed, settled in very well.

Conor Ready (midfielder)

Conor hasn't been with us for long but he's made a big impact so far. He's played a big part in the run to the FA Vase final so far.

Kane Drummond (forward)

He's a great lad who constantly has the lads laughing. On the pitch, he's the most gifted footballer that I've come across – a scary talent. Alongside Podge (McCall) he's the heart and soul of the dressing room.

Kane Drummond. Picture by Mark Percy

Kane Drummond. Picture by Mark Percy

Paul Shanley (forward)

If there's a team session happening then rest assured Shan is right in the middle of it. Brilliant lad in the dressing room and brilliant on the field too.

Freddie Potter (striker)

When Freddie speaks, everyone listens - I can't speak highly enough about him. Give Fred a chance on the pitch and he will get you a goal.

Elliot Morris (forward)

By far the best trainer at the club. Another that's blessed with pace and never lets the lads down.

Elliott Nevitt (striker)

The beast! He's sat me down many a time in training. At 21, he's another with a bright future ahead of him. Absolute hammer of a right foot, Ell guarantees goals.

Elliott Nevitt. Picture by Mike Boden

Elliott Nevitt. Picture by Mike Boden

Ste Milne (forward)

The worst trainer at the club, the lad genuinely hates it! Put him on a pitch though and he's totally different – he grafts all game and guarantees goals. He would be a nightmare to play against.

Lee Knight (forward)

We haven't seen much of Lee on the pitch so far but we've seen plenty in training to get excited about. When he's fit, Lee's going to play a big part in Rylands' future.