WARRINGTON Town have confirmed the options available to season ticket holders from the curtailed 2020-21 season.

Due to restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, leagues below Step 2 of the National League System were brought to a premature end back in February.

Yellows operate at Step 3 in the Northern Premier League Premier Division and had sold more than 100 season tickets for the first time in their history.

However, fans saw just five home matches before the action came grinding to a halt again.

With than in mind, the club have confirmed the following three options for season ticket holders.

Option 1 – Rollover Season Ticket to 2021/22

With this option, you will simply have to top up the difference between the remainder of your 2020/21 Season ticket to confirm your purchase of a 2021/22 season ticket. For adults, this will cost £47; for concessions it will be £29, for juniors £12 and family tickets £106.

Option 2 – Donate & get a discount

You donate the remainder of your 2020/21 Season Ticket monies to the club and as a thank you, get a 25% discount off a purchase of a 2021/22 season ticket. That would mean a new season ticket would cost for adults £135, concessions £79, juniors £26 and family £285.

Option 3 – Request a refund

If you simply wish to have the remainder of your 2020/21 season ticket refunded, then this can be processed via the same payment method you used when purchasing. The due refund for adults is £133, for concession £76, for junior £23 and for family £274.

“Clearly, off the back of a difficult 2020, the curtailment of the season and the closing of the Social Club was the last thing we needed," club chairman Toby Macormac said.

“It was also particularly frustrating as the club had sold a record number of season tickets for 2020/21.

“It denied Paul Carden and his squad the chance to push for promotion, and we remain the Northern Premier League play-off champions despite it now being two years since that glorious day away at South Shields.

“Had the super play-off final against King’s Lynn ended differently, we would have enjoyed elite sport status for the past two seasons and would have been able to play on, but alas it wasn’t to be!”

The club has been working on its season ticket packages for the 2021/22 season, which will be priced as follows – adult £180, concessions £105, juniors £35, family £380.

Season ticket holders will receive an email with the above information, or if they prefer, can inform the club of which option they would like to take up by emailing media@warringtontownfc.co.uk, confirming their name, address and season ticket type