WARRINGTON Wolves fans have been reacting to the news that Daryl Powell will be the club's new head coach from 2022 onwards.

Here is some of what they have been saying on our social media channels...


Mark Lythgoe: Cautiously optimistic about this. Has done well with limited resources at Cas. Seems to play a decent brand of attacking RL.

Shazza Langhorne: He's done a good job playing a good brand of throwing the ball around and not 5 drives and a boring kick at a club with hardly any money. He's given youngsters a chance because of money he's had to and at a club with more money and resources available to him I think he'll do well. Plus a year to tell us who he wants to retain and who he'd like to bring in gives us planning time.

Antony Cottam: great move top coach

Andy Syres: Great appointment

Graham Smith: Still dont see the benefit of announcing the departure of Price & replacement Powell at the start of the season

Ste Mcgowan: This could be a very good appointment. A tough coach but very fair and honest im led to believe. A coach who can definitely get us playing a more attacking style of rugby that's for sure. If he can get Trueman to sign aswell would be awesome. Trueman absolutely bossed us in round 1 .

Geoffrey Mark Jones: No surprise just announced earlier than expected

Lee Chambers: Poor appointment

Callum Gino Moore: He will no doubt bring trueman over



Megamike56: Fantastic news

merrieflagwaver: A top class coach! His teams play attractive attacking rugby without the 'thug' element. He has built several strong sides even when some of his top players have been poached by other clubs; he has never moaned about the loss but merely found another good player to replace them without losing the overall effectiveness of his team. Possibly one of the best signings made by the club in recent seasons!

AppyDave82: I didn't see this one coming. Good decision and will be interesting to see what he does with more financial backing, and what he does with the setup.

Jeff sr: Brilliant news!! Always said why cant we have him at Warrington. Best news I have heard for a while.
Think Steve Price has done a great job but probably taken as far as he could.
Lets hope Cass let Daryl start now and Wolves let Steve go back to warmer climate.
Cant wait to get Daryl into the hot seat and lets see some entertaining rugby