WE reckon nobody will score maximum points in our Warrington Wolves-Leigh Centurions themed quiz.

But we welcome you trying to prove us wrong.

Question one is in the caption to the picture above, and the rest are below. There are 26pts up for grabs and the answers are now at the end of this story - so are you a genius or a Wigan fan in our score ratings below?

2. Name each of the 9 Leigh players pictured below that all have a connection with Warrington. A point for correctly identifying each player, and a bonus point for confirming which player is the odd one out.

Warrington Guardian:

3. Name the former Wire players in the picture below. One point for each of the three players.

Warrington Guardian:

4. Name the former Leigh players in the four pictures below and the clubs they now coach. Two points for each correct player-and-club answer.

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

5. In the picture below, the former Leigh head coach on the right played one game for Warrington. Name him for one point.

Warrington Guardian:

6. Name all the ex-Wire players in the picture below to secure all three points available.

Warrington Guardian:


Score 26 points - you're a genius!

20-25 points - you know your stuff!

15-19 points - a little revision is needed!

10-14 points - phone a friend next time!

less than 10 points - you're a Wigan fan!


1: Rob Smyth

2: From left to right, top to bottom: Jack Hughes, David Alstead, Matty Blythe, Steve Maden, Jake Emmitt, Chris Hill, John Woods, Mike Wainwright, James Laithwaite. Bonus point: Jake Emmitt is odd one out, all the others have played for Wire.

3. Paul Noone, Steve McCurrie, Matt Sturm.

4. Ian Watson - Huddersfield; Stuart Littler - Swinton; Simon Finnigan - Widnes; John Duffy - Leigh.

5. Darren Abram.

6. John Duffy, Lee Mitchell, Tyrone McCarthy.