INSPIRED by last week's coverage of Warrington Wolves' greatest season, a fan living in Australia has shared his experiences of an amazing day in the club's history.

And it has triggered a huge response.

The Wire faced Halifax in the Challenge Cup Final replay in front of a world-record crowd at Odsal Stadium, an event which has become the stuff of legend.

Officially there were 102,569 packed in to see a monumental Warrington win, but it is thought there were a lot more as gates had to be opened for health and safety reasons meaning more fans flooded in.

The match was back in the headlines last week due to the debate and fans' vote regarding which is Warrington's greatest season in history - either 1953/54 or 1973/74.

It has all brought back great memories for Ken Bracegirdle, who now lives in Brisbane.

He wrote in his letter: "In 1954 I was in my last year at Evelyn Street Primary School and can still remember vividly having the day off school and boarding Shadwell's coach on Lovely Lane for the trip to Odsal to watch the Wire replay against Halifax.

"The traffic was absolutely horrendous and by the time we arrived at the stadium, the game had already started.

"Together with my neighbours from Wellfield Street, Billy and Brenda Waywell, we watched the game from the advertising hoardings around the top of the Odsal bowl witnessing a magnificent Wire victory.

"That Wire team of 1954 will always remain the greatest in my opinion and the half-back combination of Ray Price and Gerry Helme will go down in history as amongst the best ever in rugby league.

"I left Warrington in 1967, migrating to Australia and currently living in Brisbane.

"Over the years I have maintained an interest in the fortunes of The Wire through the Guardian web-page and on my visits to Warrington I try to see a game.

"I would be interested in hearing from others who might have attended the Odsal replay."

Brian Wakefield has written in from Thailand in response.

"Same experience as Kenny Bracegirdle and Billy and Brenda Waywell," he said.

"The big thing for me is they're all frends.

"I lived in Samuel street and went with Plumtons Tool works as my dad worked there. I was 11 years old.

"I worked with Billy a couple of times, he was a decorator but never knew what happened to Kenny."

A selection of responses to the story on Facebook:

Graham Smith: "When 110,000 people could behave themselves and watch a game of rugby."

Warrington Casuals: "Apparently the whole of Warrington headed for Bradford on a Wednesday night (before motorways) which is unthinkable nowadays. Was way more than the 102,000 reported, more like 120,000."

Mark Turner: "My Dad went said it was mayhem, packed in like Sardines in a can but it was also awesome experience."

Shazza Langhorne: "Love my dad's stories of this day. He always said there was more in the ground then that figure too as ppl who couldn't get in were just climbing over anyway."

Jeff Algie: "My gran went to this game.....she never got off the coach she told me way too dangerous..."

Peter Mckeown: "A62 traffic. Cars parked back as far as Oldham with supporters walking in to Bradford."

Andy Friery: "Stumped going for a whizz or getting the ale in..."

David Butterfield: "I was there with my Dad. I was eight. We lived in Bradford and were Bradford Northern fans, but we just went to watch a game of rugby league."

Wynne Mitchell: "My Dad drove a Greenalls van from Warrington with several men sat on beer crates in the back. No seat belts and no motorways, got home about 2/3 in the morning."

David Geering: "My mum went on a coach. she missed some of the game due to the huge crowd...and being only 5'1."

Mandy Howard: "I was there in theory - mum was pregnant with me. Dad told her that if she went into labour, he wasn't leaving the match."

Joan Lythgoe: "My dad Ron was there, and he said the only time he saw the ball was when it was kicked high."

Wire Mark Johnson: "My Uncle Mike said they was queuing over the tops for miles, no M6 then."

Barrie Cunningham: "My dad was there still got his wooden rattle and his newspaper cutting of the match."

Bob Kay: "My dad was there said they were still going home at 5 the following morning, no motorway then."

David Lloyd: "My dad went he reckoned there were thousands more there than the official figure."

Dennis Mahoney: "My dad went and had to stand outside."

Dave Bennett: "My dad took me but didn’t get anywhere near, listened to it on the wireless sat on the coach. Took many hours to get home."

Alan Robinson: "My Father in Law Eddie Smith, sadly no longer with us, was there. Went over on his motorbike and sidecar with his mates. That’s dedication. Imagine that on a Friday on the m62 today."

Bernard Gillooly: "My dad was there. Apart from talking about the crowd he used to say that he was one of the last people to actually pay to get in. Still enjoyed the day though."

Brian Lawson: Dad was Athur Lawson RIP was there and got in free because a wall collapsed and the surge took loads of them through..Took them hours to get home because of the crowds.

John McKay: My Dad went. He had to walk the last mile. Got home at 02.00 hrs.

Ann Barnes: My dear Mum and Dad went with Whitecross on the coach and they had to stand outside."

Robert Lomas: "My Dad and Grandad were there, on the cinder track, Rooley Lane end.

Richard Watson: My grandad got in at Rooley Lane end and could only see the top of the posts, as he wasnt very tall. He went out to the Top House pub and listened on "the wireless" which they had put on the bar."

Martin Stewart: "My Dad went. He told me they had to walk miles because of the traffic. He got in for nowt though.

Dave Dykes: "Both my mum and dad were there the atmosphere was electric sadly not here now we discussed it loads of times."

Ted Gibson: "We went on Gould's coach that left from Bridge Foot at midday. Got there about

3 hours before kick off. We were under the sticks on the end where Jmmy challinor scored in the first half. Thousands were locked out but there was loads of room near us."

Peter Brookes: My dad was there! In queue to get in - crowd pushed - fence vanished he ended up inside but so packed could not turn his head and could only see 1/3 of pitch."

Alan Schofield: "My dad played in the game it must have been some experience. Halifax lost of course so I guess losing money I wonder what that was anybody know?"

Steve Eastwood: There was an interesting book about this game called "There were a lot more than that" or something on those lines. I know a gent who said he played in a schoolboys curtain raiser there. Had to sit on the touchline till end of game as they couldnt get back to the changing rooms."

Neil Kaiper-Holmes: "I was at Wembley and then Odsal. Got in under the turnstile and stood at the back of the hill. Never saw a thing but remember the atmosphere!"

Michael Peel: "I am in that crowd somewhere."