NON-LEAGUE football clubs such as Warrington Town and Warrington Rylands could receive a cash boost to help them through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has confirmed clubs operating at Steps 3-6 of the National League system – Yellows are at Step 3 and Blues Step 5 – are eligible to apply for a share of £10million in grant funding.

Clubs can apply from tomorrow for the funding which is part of the Government’s £300million Sports Winter Survival Package.

Non-league clubs have been severely impacted by Covid restrictions, which now look set to mean a second consecutive season is declared null and void.

Unlike at professional sporting fixtures, spectators have been allowed but at limited numbers and secondary spend at grounds, such as through clubhouse bars and cafes, has been restricted.

To be eligible to apply, clubs need to hold less than six months of unrestricted operating reserves.

Step 3 clubs can apply for a grant of up to £27,000 with the maximum figure reducing to £15,000 at Step 4, £10,500 at Step 5 and £7,500 at Step 6.

Grant money can be used for:

- Lease or mortgage payments

- Debt or loan repayments

- Utility costs (including phone and broadband)

- Insurance

- Essential pitch and stadium maintenance

- Non-playing staff who haven't been furloughed

- COVID-19 compliance measures

- Other financial commitments that have already been made (e.g. catering)

However, clubs will not be allowed to use any money received via the grant for:

- Any non-essential capital works to the pitch or stadium

- Costs that are eligible to be covered by other Government COVID-19 support schemes

- Non-essential operational costs

- Accelerated repayment of non-connected party lending

- Repayment of connected party lending

- Purchase of land and buildings

- Transfer fees incurred during this period

- Costs incurred outside of the ordinary course of business

- Sinking fund contributions

- Expenditure incurred outside the eligible period

- Players wages

Successful applicants will receive their grant as a single payment and must use it in its entirety by March 31, 2021.