WARRINGTON Wolves head coach Steve Price has been helping the England rugby union team’s preparations for the upcoming Autumn Nations Cup final.

England boss Eddie Jones confirmed he has brought Price in to talk about the ball-in-play times in Super League compared to the 15-man game.

They face France at Twickenham on Sunday having beaten George, Ireland and Wales to top their group.

There has been criticism of Test match rugby union of late centred on the lack of attacking play, with concerns growing that the current focus on defence is alienating new fans.

"I have always said we need to make the game more fatiguing. We have too many stoppages in place," Jones said.

"We have got Steve Price, the Warrington Wolves coach, in camp.

“He was talking about how in Super League their ball in play is 68 minutes, which is twice what it is in Test match rugby.

"Our ball-in-play time has been affected by the fact that the out-of-play time has increased because of HIAs, because of scrum setting, because of TMOs.

"Increasingly we are creating shorter periods of play and longer periods of rest and that does not produce any fatiguing effect in the game. We need that to come in to create some space.

"When you have got big guys - 120kg guys - if the ball in play is longer they are going to get fatigued and that means there's going to be more space.

“That's one way of getting a better balance in the game."