THE Rugby Football League is to receive £12million of extra funding from the government to help clubs survive the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have confirmed the money will be a top-up of the existing £16million loan made to the RFL earlier in the year.

It is part of a £300million injection into major spectator sports to protect their immediate futures having been told to brace themselves for having no spectators at matches until the spring following rising rates of Covid-19 infection.

In football, Steps Three to Six of the National League System – which includes Warrington Town (Step Three) and Warrington Rylands (Step Five) will receive £14million.

Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Oliver Dowden said: "Sports clubs are the beating hearts of their communities, and this £300 million boost will help them survive this difficult winter period.

"We promised to stand by sports when we had to postpone fans returning. We are doing just that by delivering another £300 million on top of existing business support schemes.

"Britain is a sports powerhouse, and this Government will do everything we can to help our precious sports and clubs make it through covid."

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston continued: "Over the past few weeks we have worked tirelessly with sport governing bodies and clubs across the country to fully assess what support is needed, as a result of the decision to postpone the return of fans.

"We know the vast majority of sports - many of which operate on tight financial margins - have been making serious cost reductions, such as locking down grounds, taking up the furlough scheme for many staff and halting excess payments.

"Whilst the Government’s overall economic package has provided a significant buffer, it is absolutely right that we now intervene to protect entire sports, and the communities they support, as we navigate this pandemic."

Rugby union is the biggest beneficiary, with £135million being pumped into the game at all levels.

Horse racing, motorsport, tennis, netball, basketball, ice hockey, badminton and greyhound racing will also receive funds.