Rob Watson casts his eye over the Warrington Wolves 18-14 defeat to Wigan Warriors in the Spirit of 55

AS Friday's game wore on it felt like watching something you had seen before, and even though you knew you did not like ending you could not help but watch it anyway, as the evil empire struck back again.

I am sure the neutrals enjoyed the game, it certainly had the intensity of an end of season game with much at stake for both teams.

Wire though can only afford so many losses before they are left empty handed this season. Taking things from defeats is one thing, but the lessons need to be learned quickly now.

Belief seems to be draining at the wrong time in matches over the last couple of weeks, as if they think they need a bigger lead to be assured of victory and that they are not sure how they are going to be able to score more points.

Pointing out that they are lacking creativity and attacking structure close to the opponent’s try line is like telling the Captain of the Titanic that it is going to sink because of the massive hole in the ship.

Whenever Murdoch-Masila is missing they are without one of their already limited likely sources of a try from close range.

Equally as obvious to me is the defensive weakness on the right side. Wigan were looking to exploit it all game, playing round or between Austin and Gelling. If that is not fixed, either with a change in personnel or by those currently involved, then teams will continue to exploit it as the season goes on.

As always after a couple of defeats the criticism has come flying. The relationship between many fans and this team is like that of an old married couple, who have had plenty of good times but plenty of arguments too and anytime the team does something wrong fans let out their anger from arguments they have had a year or two ago.

As always though the players and the coaches are the only ones that can fix it. They have to find a way to block out the white noise from outside, if the negativity seeps into the inner circle then the season truly is over.

As a sports team you are never going to be able to please all of the fans all of the time. Some want higher completion rates, others want more creativity and ball movement, some think we have the right half-back partnership, others think it should be completely different.

Most fans have their favourites who can do no wrong, and their scapegoats who cannot win for losing. Some have already given up on the season, hopefully not a feeling any of the players or coaches share.

By drowning out that white noise the players and coaches have the chance to form and stick to their plans and their philosophy. Whatever they choose it will be criticised by some.

All they can do is believe in their philosophy, if they do not do that then they have no chance anyway. They have to focus on what they are good at and how they can hurt other teams, in the game of rock, paper, scissors there is no point in the scissors trying to be more like the rock.

Work out what you are capable of that gives you the best chance of winning the games that matter, then commit to doing that. There is still a chance that this season can be successful, but only if they can keep their heads while all around them are losing theirs.