"WE hope they will be welcomed by players, coaches, supporters and other stakeholders in that manner."

They were the words of RFL chairman Simon Johnson in announcing sweeping changes to - among other things - the way the final Super League table will be decided this year.

In acknowledgment of teams not being able to play a full set of fixtures, the table will now be decided by win percentage and teams must play a minimum of 15 games to qualify for the play-offs.

> Sweeping changes to Super League fixtures, table and salary cap in wake of Covid-19

However, if the initial reactions of some players and supporters are anything to go by, convincing people this is the right way to go may be tough.

Josh Charnley and Danny Walker certainly seemed aghast...

While Anthony Gelling took a light-hearted approach...

On our Warrington Wolves - Warrington Guardian Facebook page, plenty of Wire fans vented their anger at the plans, too...

Richard Shaw: What a utter farce 

Mark Melvin: What a laughing stock this super league is

Chris Elwell: If you are now just going off % why remove the Toronto games?

Andy Bibby: Wakefield are having a wow of a season now!! You couldn’t make this up.

Mark Lythgoe: teams pick up injuries with playing more games...leading to potential losses in games they would win with a full squad. So Catalans playing less games are at a total advantage to those playing more games...because they pick up less injuries. TOTAL FARCE.

Shane O'Rourke: So let me get this right, some clubs will get to play less games and more time between games therefore better rest and consolidation and chances of a win with a full squad will increase . Easy.... can’t we just pick n choose 15 games

Roger Foy: So you don’t play games and you go top of the league what a load of rubbish couldn’t make it up wire just don’t play and you will top of the league pathetic

Chris McGuinness: Pathetic!!!!

However, there were those who saw the other side of the coin...

Martin Ellis-hall: Rugby is back and games are being played , super league needs this to survive. Let’s just get on with it and enjoy the matches

Mike Wrench: If the season is scrapped, the monetary damage would be incalculable. Just stop moaning and get on with the rest of the season.