WARRINGTON Wolves centre Toby King is turning green-fingered during the UK lockdown that has been forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Helping to maintain his parents' vegetable garden is providing the Yorkshireman with a focus alongside his training while Government regulations prevent him and his Wire teammates working together.

“I’m actually at my mum and dad’s house so have been doing a bit of stuff round the house for them and have helped my dad with the vegetable patch too," said the 23-year-old England Knights international.

“The dog gets a walk or I go for a bike ride or run, just once a day now, in the countryside of Huddersfield, which is beautiful so there are lots of nice spots to choose from.

“I’ve set up a little home gym. Because there’s not been much else to do I’ve been enjoying doing my exercise. Keeping fit and in shape over this time should be fine.

"I don’t even have a rugby ball at the house though, could have done with one of them to practice my passing. I’m doing my own weights session and schedule; the club has sent over a few programmes too.

“Before the lockdown came in, most of the lads managed to pick up some items from the gym so have been doing their own workouts, sending each other challenges and we’ve been keeping in touch on social media."

Boredom while stuck at home is a major part of life for everybody at the moment and King highlighted more of what he's been doing to pass the time away until the suspension of Super League and the country's lockdown are lifted.

“I’ve also been watching a bit of Netflix, and a few films," he said.

"I’ve watched a few of the match clips posted by Super League but I am taking it as time away from the game for a bit, taking the time to enjoy other things. I’ve forgotten what a rugby ball looks like and it’s only been a week!

“I’ve actually always wanted to play the guitar so this would have been a good time to start, sadly I don’t have one so it’s a bit of a non-starter to be honest.

"Our vegetable patch is coming along, so I’m finding I’m enjoying that. If we are going to be possibly short of food growing our fruit and vegetables just in case seems a good idea!"

Beyond that, the former Meltham All Blacks junior is looking forward to the return of the sport he loves and getting back to doing his full-time job as a professional rugby league player.

"I always wanted to play Super League as a kid growing up, right from being seven years old," he said.

"I went to a lot of the Grand Finals, dreamt of being around Super League one day, playing first team but you never think it will happen.

"It’s a dream come true, hopefully I can achieve the highs of Super League now.

"I love playing for the fans and the buzz you get walking out at the HJ but I love it for the friends you make, at your community clubs too.

"I’ve still got friends who I played amateur with, as well as those at Warrington and across Super League. You make friends for life."