LIKE the rest of the country, Warrington Wolves have gone into lockdown.

The players are now training at home and The Halliwell Jones Stadium is closed to the general public until further notice amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Super League and the RFL have shut all levels of rugby league – from the top flight to the community and junior games – down until April 3 at the earliest.

However, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing strict new measures for people to stay in their homes on Monday night, that shutdown is almost certain to be extended.

Wolves prop Mike Cooper has lifted the lid on how Steve Price’s squad will be spending their time in isolation.

“We’ve been given home programmes to do by the performance staff,” he told the Guardian.

“Obviously, we have limited equipment. We’re not footballers so we don’t have home gyms or things like that.

“You’re literally just trying to do body weight exercises and when you get the opportunity to go out and run, run as much as you can.

“I’ll probably be running five times a week and I’ll have to be because as soon as we get the green light to start playing, we’ll be straight back into Super League.

“It’s also an opportunity to do things we wouldn’t normally get time to do, like stretch and spend a bit more time focusing on your flexibility and that side of it.

“For some players it will be about keeping weight off so you have to keep getting the right food inside you.

“I know it’s a difficult time for everyone, but I’ll be taking the positives of spending more time with family and getting more rest in.

“We’re pencilled in for a couple of weeks’ time, but the reality is we may not be playing again for another 12 weeks.

“It’s going to become challenging and its extremely difficult but at the end of the day, we’re still getting paid to be professional and we’ve got to maintain that.

“You can either give in to the challenge, start eating rubbish and drinking while keeping yourself inside or you can get out there, walk and run as possibly can within the guidelines.

“I’m certainly looking forward to getting some miles in walking and running around the local area because it’s something I enjoy doing but I don’t always get the chance.”

Cooper also had a message for Wire fans amid these difficult and uncertain times.

“My message to everyone is that I hope you’re all safe and well,” he said.

“As it is for me and all of you supporters, rugby is a big part of your life but your health and your family’s health is most important.

“Let’s all focus on some quiet time – at the end of the day, there’s no ups and downs of rugby league to change your week!

“Enjoy some time at home and as much rest as you can.

“Stick to the guidelines that we’ve been given and rest because as soon as we’re back, we’re back with a bang.”