THE topical discussion in 'Talking Points' this week is where to play new kid on the block Matty Ashton when marquee and England international half-back Gareth Widdop is fit to make his debut.

At the moment, Ashton is impressing at full-back - the role usually played by Stefan Ratchford, who has been partnering Blake Austin in the halves while Widdop has been sidelined with an ankle injury.

Here's a selection of views from our wesbite and social media spaces, both on this subject and several others that have got fans of The Wire talking.

Where to play current full-back Matty Ashton when Gareth Widdop is fit?

Sy Smiffy: When widdop is fit move Ashton to wing

Carl Fletcher: Widdop will have to buy his time marquee signing or not why change a winning formula

Warrington Guardian:

Gareth Widdop in pre-season training. Pictures: Mike Boden

Lee Chambers: Widdop goes straight in. Matty has done well, but he has to earn his right based on his age. Plenty of time yet. We have a duty to take care of him too. Keeps him grounded and hungry. In 17 every week but we have to start with or stongest spine. 1. Ratch 6. Austin 7. Widdop 9. Clark. Having Ashton in the 17 we can rest 6/7 if needed and he can eailsy slot into 2/5 too. Keeps him part of it, gets 15-20 mins every week.

Alex Schofield: Widdop shouldn’t get straight into the team. Sends the wrong message that performances don’t matter but big names do. Don’t get me wrong, he gets his chance as soon as someone needs a rest and it’s a great headache to have, but Ashton needs to be allowed to ride the momentum he currently has and learn as much as he can. I’d at least give him another 3/4 weeks, injuries permitting, to really see what he can do.

Mitch Lears: Widdop is a marquee. He will be in.ashton on bench can cover 1 2 3 4 5 9

Wire's performance against St Helens:

Chris Mawdsley: What an outstanding performance. Hope wire can keep it up.

Al Worrall: Sat here still in disbelief. Second game of the season and Wire are HUNGRY. To push Wigan to the final seconds in round 1 and then to nil last season's best team in round 2. Something special is happening. The young lads are spurring on the established lads. Matty Ashton is something else. Consistency is the key now. #COTW #Wire2020

Warrington Guardian:

John Knox: Well deserved win. Yes, Saints had injuries but so did we . Great win. A confidence boost. We were the better side last week . Could be our year?

Ray Astbury: Absolutely fantastic performance by all the lads our defence was awesome. Well done lads

Gail Astbury: All team played well my grandson got man of match well done worrinton xxxx

John D. Hodgkinson: A simply wonderful performance from the lads, skill, pace, determination and a commitment to work for each other... here's to many more nights like that! In Matty Ashton we have a fledgling world class player, treat him like gold dust!

Chris Mullin: Cant ask for more than that. Well done lads. Flawless performance

Mike Leyland: Finally having a half back who's got the brains to control and dictate the pace of a game, is an absolute breath of fresh air, things will only improve when Widdop is fit, hope it's finally opened Price's eyes to what he's got available in his squad.

David Queeney: 2 weeks on the trot Phil Clark as praised the mighty wire what's going on

Lizbert: It was an outstanding game with an outstanding team I will never forget the excitement and the pride I felt watching my team it Was magic

Paul Ryder: That was fantastic to watch. The players were fantastic, and the passing I crave created the Charnley try. Amazing performance.

Warrington Guardian:

Pauline Parr: Brilliant team effort some outstanding play. Would also like to give the PR staff and all involved a big thank you the atmosphere was tremendous

Dave Smyth: looked solid in defence and fluid and dangerous in attack - looked patient and waited to take chances. another team effort tonight with all 17 standing up. Cooper was a warrior bullied the saints pack

Was it the best Super League win of Steve Price's tenure?

wire66: The win was up there with the Wembley performance but I would like to say what a turn around in attitude, fitness and expansive style of rugby. A big well done to the whole squad and coaching staff, we are playing at speed and intensity levels that we would only expect to see mid season. Some selection headaches for Mr Price. Keep it up boys

Sads1959: Dollop of humble pie for me as I thought we'd lose. We made few errors and silly pens though and that's the big difference for me. Keep doing that and it will be our year. Oh, and Blake Austin was immense. UTW

Sano: WOW Warrington WOW - Steve Prices greatest victory ? I would suggest it was The Wires finest victory in 20 yrs, who would of believed any Super League team could nil Saints ? For most of the last 30 mins Saints looked ragged many of them look lost and dare I say clueless. Austin bossed the show but I suppose at last he had a partner in crime as opposed to having the wrong partner (all of last year) and that was criminal. Brilliant lads brilliant one and all, I see the Saints are part blaming having a few guys in the stand well lets not forget we also had 3 or 4 lads in the stands so no excuses there me thinks.

Stefan Ratchford signing a contract extension:

Paul Emson: One of the most exciting players to watch in Super League, never ducks a tackle or high ball and with kick returns that get the fans enthralled. Helping out nicely in the halves for when Widdop rejoins the spine for what should be an exciting RL attack. Good lad

Warrington Guardian:

Johnny Appleseed: Great news, best FB in the league on his day

Matthew Holcroft-North: Great move, happy to keep hold of Ratchford, he’s always been secure at fullback under extreme pressure. Depending on what happens in the next couple of seasons, I could see Ashton potentially taking that No.1 shirt from Stefan when he retires. We’ve still got six more players out of contract right now so let’s hope the rest soon follow suit, especially BMM given the speculation about him.

Joanne Mullins: Mega happy he’s staying with The Wire! 😊 Always been one of my faves x

Josh Callon: I think Ratchford as the captain would be a smart option now

Dee Williams: Works his socks off. If the ball goes high you know will ‘av it

Andy Bibby: The most talented player at Wire. Excellent news. It'll take him into a testimonial year too. Makes sense.

Claire Louise Mills: Graft, attitude, experience and a great motivational team player