DEEP down, everyone connected with Warrington Town knew this day would come.

A move into professional football for Ben Garrity was inevitable and has been for some time. It was just a matter of where and when.

In many ways, keeping hold of the prodigiously talented midfielder for as long as they have done is a victory for Town. He looked certain to leave in the summer, but his signing of a two-year deal was a major coup.

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Despite all of this, though, news of his move to Blackpool will be no easier for Town fans to take.

In terms of what he brought to the team, he is as close to irreplaceable as you can get and the timing of it – with Yellows striving to keep pace in the promotion race – could not be much worse.

To any Blackpool supporters who may be reading this, you have one hell of a player on your hands.

Watching him go about his business has been a genuine pleasure and in an age where midfielders are taught that possession at all costs is king, he is a refreshing throwback.

A bundle of energy who can make an impact in both boxes, he has the engine to do the job of two players. For any manager, he is a Godsend.

And let’s not forget, that aerial ability that brought us so many magic moments.

Soaring high above the King’s Lynn defence twice to shake Cantilever Park to its foundations in last year’s ‘super play-off’ final, even if it did end in heartbreak.

He did the same to Nantwich a few weeks earlier – two carbon-copy, textbook headers that became his trademark.

Off the pitch, too, a more grounded 22-year-old you will struggle to meet.

Many at his age would have grabbed the first professional offer that came their way, but Garrity was happy to bide his time while repaying the faith Yellows showed in him.

When everyone expected him to leave, his decision to stick around is testament to the sort of character he is.

It is difficult to imagine that two years ago, he was playing Sunday league football in Liverpool with Oyster – a club for which one Wayne Rooney once played.

By anyone’s standards, it is a meteoric rise and he has it in him to go even higher.

As someone who watches Town most weeks, I am as devastated as supporters are that I will no longer get to watch him every week, but he truly does deserve this chance.

Good luck Ben, Warrington is proud of you!