Frank Lythgoe's Warrington Anglers' Association column

STUART Peters set out on his first fishing trip since early November and he decided on the Ribble at Hurst Green.

After two-and-a-half hours without any signs of fish he decided that a move was in order, which definitely proved to be the right tactic.

The result was that in the next three hours he caught a few grayling, with the icing on the cake being four barbel to 6½lbs and three more that didn’t make it to the net.

The Mount at Buckley, which produces decent carp catches, tench, bream, perch, and roach over 2lbs, is still fishable while other waters suffer from high water levels so it is worth a visit.

Ian Simms managed to slide in a three-hour session after a hectic Christmas with his family and legered meat for three carp, the best a lower double and not a bite alarm in site.

Mike McCarthy had a common of just under 7lbs plus a mirror about the same size on Friday.

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Mike Pritchard fished the Bridgewater Canal near Walton Gardens bridge on Saturday, with his usual homemade waggler with pinkie and caster, to end up with more than 5lbs of small roach and a 6lb pike. To be fair, the pike was tangled in his net while looking for an easy meal.

The Saturday members match on the Bridgewater Canal at Boothstown was won by Dave Brookes with a weight of 12-9-0. This was made up of one perch with the remainder roach to 12ozs.

Dave fished the pole with punched bread, changing to caster for the better stamp roach.

Ray Boden took second place with 10lbs, fishing the same method.

A quickly organised match at Mersey Walk saw Eddie Frangleton, fishing feeder and maggot tactics, take first place with 2-2-0. Stu Gibson was the runner-up with 1-8-0.

Our Disabled and Over 60s match this week at our Woodshaw Reservoir fishery saw Stu Gibson take first place in what was his first appearance on this weekly Monday event.

Bites were few and far between with Stu having only two, missing one but nevertheless the one he hit put a bream weighing 1-14-2 in his net.

Alan Brown, who took second place, had more bites catching small roach and skimmers for 1-13-0.

Here’s wishing you all the very best for 2020.

Keep those reports coming as at this time of the year there is not a lot happening, so good, bad, or indifferent they will help fellow members to plan any forays on to the bank sides. Email or give me a ring on 01928 716238.

WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street is open every Friday between 7pm and 9pm. New members are welcome to call in and join, current ones can renew their subscription, or night permit.


Bridgewater Canal (Boothstown): 1, Stu Gibson 12-9-0; 2, Ray Boden 10-0-0; 3, Neil Davies 6-13-0; 4, Ade Green 5-9-0.

Mersey Series: 1, Eddie Frangleton 2-2-0; 2, Stu Gibson 1-8-0; 3, Stan Charnock 1-5-0; 4=, Jim Gannon, Jimmy Byrne 1-4-0.

Disabled and Over 60s: 1, Stu Gibson 1-14-2; 2, Alan Brown 1-13-0; 3, Jimmy Byrne 1-7-6; 4, Joe Garry 0-9-10.


Saturday: Bridgewater Canal match (members only), draw 9.30am, on bank at Boothstown opposite the Moorings Pub (postcode M28 1YB). Contact Ray Boden for further information on 07790 317714 and to check any cancellation if the canal is iced over.

Monday: Disabled and Over 60s, draw 10am, Bridgewater Canal, Hough’s Bridge.