THE summer bowls campaign is due to conclude in Warrington this weekend.

St Albans will play Red Lion A in the Warrington and North Cheshire Bowls Association Centenary Cup Final at St Oswalds on Friday, 7pm, after having been postponed last Friday due to poor weather.

And then on Sunday focus will switch to Grange Sports Club, where 64 players from across the north west will contest the Federation of Crown Green Bowls Individual Merit at 10am.

Individual Merit draw: 1 Cliff Massey (Liv/ St Helens) v Paul Clegg (South Lancs); 2 Chris Willan (Ormskirk) v Albert Redding (Dudley); 3 Anthony Thompson (Wallasey) v Chris Firth (Leeds); 4 Andy Duggan (Liv/ St Helens) v Syd Heath (Warrington); 5 Andy Howie (Ormskirk) v Tom Gasson (Halifax); 6 Ryan Faulkner (Fylde) v Linda Hough (Civil Service); 7 Paul Atherden (Bury) v Terry Glover (Liv/ St Helens); 8 Phil Aspinall (Liv/ St Helens) v Leanne Attwood (Dudley); 9 Sandy Whittaker (Bolton) v Richard Bendrey (Wallasey); 10 Ray Bevington (South Lancs) v Andy Limbert (Leeds); 11 Paul Birkhead (Halifax) v Aaron Harrison (East Lancs); 12 Damian Morrison (Warrington) v Adam Dickerson (Burton); 13 Barry Robinson (Bolton) v Brian Thompson (Ormskirk); 14 Carl Doyle (Liv/ St Helens) v Allan Lane (Civil Service); 15 Norman Young (South Lancs) v Andrew Wadsworth (Colne Valley); 16 Joe Carr (Fylde) v Mark Budworth (Warrington); 17 Tex Allen (Liv/ St Helens) v Mark Regan (Halifax); 18 Liam Gregson (Ormskirk) v Mark Brain (Leeds); 19 John Mort (Bolton) v Dan Williamson (Dudley); 20 Danny Mayers (South Lancs) v Chris Barton (Wallasey); 21 George Curran (Liv/ St Helens) v Jack Hill (Barnsley); 22 Mike Davies (Ormskirk) v Martin Deakin (Warrington); 23 Rob Lawrenson (Warrington) v Connor Flaherty (Liv/ St Helens); 24 Ian Grady (Ormskirk) v Paul Taylor (Civil Service); 25 Louise Cotton (Civil Service) v Morris Owen (Liv/ St Helens); 26 Peter Crook (Bolton) v Rob Lloyd (Leeds); 27 Owen Turner (Wallasey) v Matt Farmer (Burton); 28 Ken Bowen (Liv/ St Helens) v Robert Winnington (Mid Cheshire); 29 Chris Rigby (Harrogate ABA) v Dave Walker (East Lancs); 30 Gareth Coates (Halifax) v Dave Worthington (Fylde); 31 Duncan Watkins (Bolton) v Michael Heap (South Lancs); 32 Peter Jones (Liv/ St Helens) v Steve McManus (Ormskirk).

Lee Johnstone reached the Autumn Waterloo final in Blackpool last week.

He was defeated by Congleton’s Paul Dale in the decider, thus missing out on matching Waterloo titles previously won by his dad Tommy and mum Karen.

Johnstone squeezed past Birmingham’s Greg Smith in the semi final and Huddersfield’s Staurt King 21-15 in the quarter finals. He also knocked out Barrw’s Darren Woodend 21-17, Ellesmere Port’s Matty Worden 21-17 and Pudsey’s James Hanson 21-13 in the earlier rounds.

Numerous finals were concluded at the weekend.

In the WNCBA, St Albans captain Rob Lawrenson beat M Budworth 21-9 to lift the player of the year crown for the fourth time; St Oswalds A edged out St Albans 21-19; D Bennett came out on top 21-10 against C Morris in the Cunningham Cup Final.

J Howson took the Warrington Parks’ League player of the year crown with a 21-11 victory over M Burrows.

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