CHRIS Perkins is as passionate a Liverpool FC fan as you will come across.

That has led to the 46-year-old writing and publishing a unique book about the club, not only charting the Champions League-winning 2018-19 campaign in diary form from start to finish but telling his story of growing up as a fan of the Anfield club.

We caught up with him to learn about the journey he has been on, one that will undoubtedly resonate with Liverpool fans wherever.

Q: Tell us about the book, Let's Talk About Six

A: The book is a review of Liverpool’s Champions League winning season. It's written as a diary and tries to capture the emotion of the season, game by game.

To break up the season, there are a series of short ‘interludes’ that chart me growing up in Warrington as a Liverpool fan in the 1970s and 80s. I have been a season ticket holder at Anfield for 35 years.

This is my first attempt at writing a book, something I have always wanted to do. Having written it, I have self published the book and am currently trying to market it.

As you may know there are a number of books about the same subject in the market at the moment (us Liverpool fans are unbearable at the moment!). The other books are by established writers and journalists so I am very much the outsider.

So far the book is available on Amazon, but I have also managed to get it listed in Waterstones stores including Warrington.

Warrington Guardian:

I went to Great Sankey High School. I have lived and worked all over the UK and also spent years in Australia, but I am now back in Penketh with my two kids at school here.

Until recently I was marketing director at Wedgwood in Stoke, but have recently left to set up my own business.

The book launch is supposed to be a side project to setting up the business, but is far more exciting and is taking up a lot more time than it should be!

Q: How’s the feedback been to your book?

A: Feedback so far has been really positive. Five star reviews on Amazon and some lovely messages from people who have read it. The best feedback has been about the retrospective part of the book, which readers aren't expecting and is a far more personal story.

Q: How did the idea for your book come about?

A: I was listening to a podcast recorded by Liverpool fans. They were just regular supporters like me, but had all written books. It inspired me to write the book. My mum had always said she would write a book one day. She's dead now, so I had her in mind when writing it.

Q: Did it become a labour of love in terms of the time it took you to write it?

A: Because it's a diary, there is a pressure to write consistently when anything happens.

I wanted the book to have an immediacy about it, writing while the emotions were fresh, rather than a couple of days later.

It became quite addictive. I wrote much of the book on my phone, as that was the closest thing to hand when I wanted to write.

Q: How did it all begin for you – can you remember how you became a Liverpool fan, who took you to matches, who were your heroes growing up

A: That is the story I tell in the book.

It was my grandad who used to take me, first to the reserve games and then to the league matches. My hero will always be Kenny Dalglish. To this day, no-one has surpassed him.

Q: What’s been the highlights for you being a Liverpool football supporter?

A: I think the highlights were when I was a teenager in the 1980s. The FA Cup final in 1986 when we beat Everton. That was my first trip to Wembley.

And then the Barnes and Beardsley team in the late 80s. I never thought those teams would be bettered, but this current team is just about surpassing them.

Q: At the start of last season, could you have imagined the season that Liverpool had?

A: When I wrote the book, I was convinced Liverpool were going to win the league (although to be fair, I am convinced they will win every year).

I didn't think they would play so well through the season and it was so disappointing to score so many points and be pipped at the post. To win the European Cup again was magic.

Q: Did you find yourself watching matches in a different way in order to write the book, perhaps more studious?

A: No, not really. I get very carried away at the match. Totally caught up in every moment.

The book wasn't about tactical analysis - there is enough of that around already. It was more about trying to capture the emotion of the game from a fans perspective.

Q: Is there one moment in time last season that stands out above all others for you, and one you’ll never forget?

A: The semi final against Barcelona was an absolute stand out moment. To be 3-0 down against Messi and co, and be able to come back is outstanding. What a night that was.

We knew it was on from the first minute, the 38th second in fact, when Messi was tackled and the whole ground went ballistic.

Q: How high do you rate your passion for Liverpool FC – what lengths do you go to as well as writing books?

A: I am very passionate about it. Always at the front of my mind. I don't go to all the away matches anymore, just the home ones, but constantly thinking about the game.

Q: Do your friends and family share your passion for Liverpool FC, or do they think you’re mad?

A: My family don't really follow the football, they leave that to me.

I wrote the book in secret, didn't even tell my wife until it was finished.

I think the book has given them a greater insight into how much the football means to me.

The retrospective part of the book talks about my attachment to the football and why it means so much to me. This is stuff I haven't talked about before and is quite personal.

So they have a better understanding of why I think it's more than just a game.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Yes, I am self publishing the book, so it has been really interesting to learn about the publishing process and now the marketing of the book.

I have found that the book market is dominated by the published books and it is very difficult to get any coverage from the mainstream media.

It's really important to get the support of local people and business, which is why I am so thankful to Waterstones in Warrington for featuring the book.

It's also good to get so much positive support from people on social media.

* Let's Talk About Six, £10.99