WHEN you're idolised the world over, like Warrington's Manchester United and England star Jesse Lingard is, you can be asked for your autograph in all kinds of places.

Gone are the days when the cover of a match programme is good enough for some people.

Now it's more likely to be a replica shirt, football, a pair of boots - and various parts of the body!

Today, Lingard was training with United at the WACA in Perth, Australia, in preparation for tomorrow's pre-season tour friendly clash with Leeds United, which is expected to pull in close to a capacity 60,000 crowd.

And when the Longford 26-year-old agreed to put his moniker on queueing fans' bits 'n' bobs he was surprised to find that one youngster wanted his hero's name across his forehead (see the video below).

"That's new," said Lingard, a former Penketh United junior. "But it's all love."

A huge number of fans from both clubs are in the city for the game, which will be the first meeting between the rivals since a League Cup match in 2011.