Clock Face Miners 28 Crosfields 36

HEAD coach Ian Boden praised his skipper Jack Reid for helping Crosfields “get back on track” at Clock Face Miners.

The Soap captain scored a try and kicked four goals as they beat their neighbours despite falling behind in the first minute of the contest.

John Whittaker, Dan Reid, Jack Roper, Luke Walker, Tom Millington and Mitchell McJay also crossed the whitewash as the Hood Lane side triumphed.

Boden believes the extra composure and experience in his ranks saw them through in what was a topsy-turvy contest in which the lead constantly changed hands.

“It was a great game for the neutral but you could tell there were a lot of nerves out there,” he said.

“We starting brightly but an unlucky bounce of the ball allowed their centre to run 80 metres for the first score on 53 seconds.

Credit to Jack Reid though – he led from the front and got us back on track.

“The lead changed hands five times and both teams dominated for different periods, but I think our composure and experience edged the game for us.”

Crosfields: John Whittaker; Dan Reid, Jack Roper, Luke Walker, Nathan Taylor; Jack Reid, Brad Stanway; Tom Brown, Hayden James, Dave Boden, Mitchell McJay, Louis Wainwright, Tom Millington. Subs: Sam Hickey, Elliot Budgen, Matt Barber, Jordan Williams