Warrington Wolves head coach Steve Price chats to the Guardian's Matt Turner...

MT: If it transpires that you’ve still got injuries in the outside-backs, will you have no qualms in leaving Jack Johnson in there?

SP: None at all. I was impressed with JJ – he did everything required of him and he had a really solid game.

It’s great to see him with a smile back on his face as it’s been a long road back from that horrible injury.

All the players were stoked for him to get out there and to see him happy again.

Warrington Guardian:

Jack Johnson played his first Super League game in almost two years on Friday. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: You could tell towards the end of Friday’s game that energy reserves were running a little low so I guess this longer turnaround has come at the right time for you?

SP: It has – it’s been a good opportunity for the playing group to freshen up for a couple of days, spend a bit of time on their recovery and reset themselves.

I’d like to think the longer turnaround will be beneficial for us, so it’s come at a good time.

MT: The last few weeks of training have been all about recovery so it will be nice to get some actual training done!

SP: We can definitely get some quality days into the boys.

I’ve got a good headache to have in terms of selection against a team that I’m sure is going to be really up for it on Sunday in Wigan.

MT: Do you think the change in competition could be good for refocusing the guys a little bit?

SP: I think we’ve been going pretty well as it is. We’re ticking along nicely.

I’ve been really impressed in particular with what Chris Hill and Mike Cooper have been doing up front lately. They have been laying a really solid foundation for us.

The big boys have been doing a really good job off the bench as well.

We’ll go into Challenge Cup mode – as a club we pride ourselves on setting high standards in this competition and it will be no different on Sunday.

Warrington Guardian:

Chris Hill and front-row partner Mike Cooper have been praised for their recent performances. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: It does bring that element of jeopardy – if you get it wrong, there is no tomorrow. Could that bring an extra couple of per cent out of the guys?

SP: We’ve got a lot of experience in our squad – guys who have played in big end-of-season games and in high-pressure matches for their country.

It’s about doing the little things right for us and the big picture will take care of itself.

We need to be better this week again – they’re going to be really desperate.

MT: A lot of people are saying this is Wigan’s only realistic shot at silverware this year – something you need to be wary of?

SP: Certainly – they still have a lot of big-name players in their squad.

They beat us in the Grand Final last year and that’s a memory that still hurts.

In saying that, we’re a team that keeps getting better of late. It’s a happy environment but as a collective, we have to keep improving.

Warrington Guardian:

The Wire lost last year's Super League Grand Final to Wigan. Picture by Mike Boden