Guardian sports reporter Matt Turner sits down once again with Wire head coach Steve Price...

MT: You said on Sunday that Jason Clark would be brought back in but I guess there was a bit of a dilemma about who he replaces?

SP: It was a really solid team performance and everyone contributed.

We’ve played three games over a short period of time and we’ve improved in each one.

I was really pleased with all the players – to rack up 50 points against a fair Huddersfield team is no mean feat. The boys are doing a lot of really good things.

Warrington Guardian:

Jason Clark is back after being rested against Huddersfield. Picture by Mike Boden

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MT: I wanted to talk about the loose forward position. Jack Hughes was the sixth different player to start there this season so is it a horses for courses thing?

SP: Joe Philbin has been really good for us off the bench, but there is going to come a time that he needs to learn how to start a game.

He got that opportunity a few weeks ago and did a good job of it, I thought.

Over the past few weeks, especially Easter, I’ve rotated that loose forward position to whatever I feel suits our team for that week.

Matty Davis, Jack Hughes, Bennie Westwood – everyone’s played their part.

Warrington Guardian:

Jack Hughes was the latest player to have a crack at starting at loose forward. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: Another short turnaround – as a coach, is it difficult to find the right balance between doing the right amount of preparation and getting enough rest into the lads?

SP: It’s really important to find that balance in today’s game and I think we do that well here.

We understand the people within our team. The training time, intensity and time on their feet is really important.

I feel we get that right. We’ve got another day off Wednesday then captain’s run on Thursday before heading to the Jungle on Friday.

The boys are fresh at the moment but we’ve got another block to tick off now.

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MT: Blake is getting a lot of headlines and rightly so, but how are you viewing Dec’s work alongside him?

SP: I’m really happy with him – they are complementing each other quite well.

What people don’t realise is that he is doing a lot of good things on and off the ball. I’ve seen improvement in his defence, especially last week.

A couple of his kicks for our tries against Huddersfield were fantastic as well.

His general play kicking has been pretty solid, too. I’ve been really pleased with Dec but I see so much more improvement in him.

Warrington Guardian:

Dec Patton. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: You’ll have seen Blake’s post trying to get more kids active in the town – I guess that shows how much he’s embracing life here?

SP: It goes to show how much Blake and his family are enjoying Warrington.

That’s what Blake brings – it wasn’t that long ago that he was coaching kids at Doonside back in Australia.

A lot of people don’t see the true characters underneath and it’s a credit to him to be able to do that and make a change in kids’ lives.

In our position, we have the perfect opportunity to do that and I’m sure there’s a number of other players doing similar things.

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MT: Do you have to alter the way you play at all to counteract the smaller pitch at Castleford on Friday?

SP: Not necessarily – we’ll just keep sticking to what we’ll do well.

I’m happy with where we’re at at the moment but we’ll keep improving.

We’ll probably get a few more attacking kicks than perhaps we normally would but I’m sure that will work in their favour.

Warrington Guardian:

The Wire beat Castleford 24-10 at The Halliwell Jones Stadium back in March. Picture by Mike Boden