Wire head coach Steve Price goes over the events of the past week with Guardian sports reporter Matt Turner...

MT: You must be very pleased to get one of your key men committed to the club in Daryl Clark?

SP: It’s very pleasing to get Daryl re-signed for a number of years. He’s been great since we’ve come together so I’m really happy to tie him down.

I see his game growing and I see so much more development in him. He plays an important role in our squad and it goes to show that a lot of the players are keen to stay around and invest in the Wolves for years to come. That says a lot about the culture of our organisation.

> Clark agrees new long-term Warrington Wolves deal

Warrington Guardian:

Daryl Clark has agreed a new deal with The Wire. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: He’s been talked about as someone who could potentially shine in the NRL for years – was there ever a point that you were worried about him going?

SP: That didn’t really come into play. There may have been interest from the other side, but it’s important that we keep the special talent of the English game in Super League and not lose them.

Across the league as a whole, it’s really important that clubs invest in our high-profile players.

> Daryl Clark on why he's staying with Warrington Wolves

MT: Apart from Josh, you’ve come through Easter pretty unscathed which I’m sure you’re thanking your lucky stars for!

SP: Yeah, it’s always tough playing this amount of games over a short period.

I’ve said it before – the luxury of having the amount of depth we have is vital and we had the opportunity to rotate a few of those guys around on Monday.

I’d like to think we’ll get that back in weeks to come. The team’s in good shape at present.

> Charnley not out of contention for Huddersfield clash

MT: Fans have been impressed with the impact Matty Davis has had. Is he making it difficult for you to leave him out?

SP: Yeah he’s giving me some good headaches!

He’s got his strengths in which he does really well but there’s still areas he can improve.

He gives us a lot in his attitude, which has been really positive. He plays above his weight and is another one who has been playing some really good football of late.

Warrington Guardian:

Matt Davis made his first start for Warrington against Hull KR on Easter Monday. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: Monday was obviously a fantastic result – was it a response you demanded from the boys after what happened on Friday?

SP: Friday was a bit of a blip. We were looking for a response and we certainly got that.

It goes to show that we have a team that cares for each other and the jersey.

The pleasing thing for me was all the hard work the boys were doing off the ball. There were some really big game-changers, especially when Craig Hall got the intercept and Daz Clark made that wonderful try-saving tackle.

There was Josh Charnley on Will Dagger as well that was another big moment. All those little efforts was the most pleasing thing backing up after a short turnaround.

MT: I guess what happened on Good Friday hammers home to the guys how much they need to be 100 per cent on it every game?

SP: That’s right. We’d been pretty good up to then but we were a bit off and they punished us.

That’s why you have to prepare well and be at your best every week. We got some good lessons out of it and we’re pleased with the response we got out of the players.

It’s about recovery now and off we go again into Huddersfield.

Warrington Guardian:

Wire were well-beaten by Salford on Good Friday before bouncing back well at Hull KR on Easter Monday. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: We’re coming up to the halfway point of the season now. There’s a bit of a gap opening up between you and Saints and another between yourselves and the teams below you. Is it about hanging onto Saints’ coattails?

SP: I think it’s another two or three games to half way.

I’ve been saying it for a while that we have to keep working hard and keep improving as individuals and evolving as a team.

This competition is a marathon. You’ve got to be healthy and playing your best football at the back end of the season.

That’s our plan but we also want to keep getting better. I’ve seen signs of that and that’s what we’re driven for as a team.

MT: How do you assess what Huddersfield will bring on Sunday?

SP: They’ve got a strong forward pack and they’re a different team away from home.

Matt Frawley brings a very sound kicking game that will challenge us in a lot of areas on plays four and five. Lee Gaskell brings that unpredictability alongside him as well.

They’ve got some strong wingers in Jermaine (McGillvary) and Aku (Uate) who can cart the ball out of yardage.

We’re going to have to be heavily invested in our defence, but it’s more about us doing the little things right.

We’ve scored some big numbers of late and we want to keep that in our DNA.

Warrington Guardian:

Wire were 32-20 winners at Huddersfield in February. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: Finally, we’ve had some rule changes announced aimed at cleaning up the ruck area. Was that something that needed to happen in your view?

SP: It needed to happen but it shouldn’t have got to this stage anyway. It should have been nipped in the bud some time ago when it all started to happen.

We haven’t built our game on that kind of gamesmanship. We want to play hard and tough but we want to play fairly too.

There were a number of teams and players who were doing that sort of thing week in, week out and getting away with it.

it’s good that the powers above have moved to squash it.

> Immediate rule changes to crack down on ruck gamesmanship