WARRINGTON Wolves reach a significant milestone in their history when they meet St Helens on Friday.

It will be The Wire's 4,500th game of rugby league.

Such rounded historic numbers come round no more than once in a generation, with it likely to take another 30 years or so for Wolves to reach 5,000.

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It is fitting that Warrington are playing St Helens in their 4,500th rugby league game because Saints are the only team that The Wire have played every season since 1895-96.

And also fitting that they are the top two in Super League on this historic occasion.

For those wondering about fellow fierce rivals Wigan, The Wire did not play Wigan in the 1971-72 campaign but have played them in every other season - including when the cherry and whites were in the second division due to the sides meeting in the Lancashire Cup Final.

Talking of finals, Warrington and St Helens have never met in a major final - that is the Challenge Cup final, Championship Final or Grand Final. Could that change this season?

The stats around Warrington's 4,500 matches:

1,152 players have been used, including seven trialists

2,560 matches have been won by The Wire

190 Warrington matches finished in a draw

1,744 matches have been lost by Warrington

5 matches have been abandoned with no result.

72,813 points have been scored by The Wire

56,902 is the amount of points Wire have conceded

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The stats around Warrington's matches against St Helens:

Played 304

Wire wins 119

Draws 15

Saints wins 169

Abandoned 1

Wire points scored 4177

Saints points scored 5204