“FRUSTRATING,” “disappointing” and “a joke.”

They are all words I have seen to describe Warrington Town losing six points through absolutely no fault of their own as a result of North Ferriby United’s liquidation.

I’d be inclined to agree with all three – and the situation is heightened by the fact one of the teams to benefit from it are South Shields, a title rival.

Essentially, they are being rewarded for losing a football match while Yellows – and Farsley Celtic – have both suffered for two hard-earned wins.

> North Ferriby record expunged - what does it mean for Warrington Town?

On the face of it, it does not seem fair.

In an already tight title race, it could make all the difference and it would be such a travesty if it did end up playing a vital role in someone winning – or losing – the crown.

Alternative theories have been suggested – as there is so little time left in the season, why not simply award everyone who is still to play North Ferriby a 3-0 victory and let previous results stand?

The Villagers had lost 13 games in a row before their unfortunate demise. Is it that unrealistic to say their last eight matches would have ended in defeat too?

All of that is by the by, though. The FA has set out clear guidelines and procedures that state their record had to be expunged.

No matter how unfair it may seem, the Northern Premier League’s hands were tied.

They had no choice and now Yellows – along with other teams feeling aggrieved as they battle for promotion, play-off spots and survival – must move on.

In last week’s Guardian, Town boss Paul Carden told me that if his players allowed themselves to be consumed by a sense of injustice over this, it would cost them an awful lot more than six points.

He could not be more right.

Allowing off-field matters from a different club to define what has been a superb year would be such a shame.

While the final destination of the title may be out of their hands, their own form remains well within their control.

They have seven games remaining and if they are to bring the trophy back to Cantilever Park – and avoid a minefield-ridden play-off system – they probably need to win them all.

They have shown this season that they are capable of putting together long winning runs – they would not be in this position otherwise.

With things going against them, now is the time for another one.