CROSFIELDS Ladies veterans football team have come a long way in a short time.

Having been formed by a group of mums in July, 2017, they can go into the semi-finals of the FA People's Cup this weekend being able to reflect on league title success.

And their squad membership has grown from 16 players to 30 inside 12 months.

"We just want to celebrate how we've grown and developed," said Leyla McGhee, one of the players.

The women are proud of getting stuck in themselves rather than just watching their own children from the sidelines.

“We just want to be role models for younger ones, show that you can play no matter what.”

Some of the players had never kicked a ball in anger before joining the squad.

“I played when I was younger but hadn't played for years," added Leyla.

"A friend told me about the team and so I went down in January last year. Since then the team has grown significantly.

"Our coach, Sean Artess, has really worked hard with us.

"We train all weathers, 8.30pm to 9.30pm, which is quite tough for working mums and we’ve improved tenfold.

"There are some really good players in the squad and we’re a good solid team with a positive outlook."

Over time, belief has grown in individuals and the team.

“The mums who originally set it up were mums who were watching their children play and were stood around thinking what can we do with this hour of our time when stood about.

“I’ve seen people join, me included, who were a little nervous and maybe a bit self doubting.

"I think of a handful of players who had never played in their lives but are amazing and I’ve seen their confidence grow.

“It’s a stress release for everybody, it’s fun, it’s fitness, it’s competitive as well.

“We want to win now. We believe that we can win tournaments and leagues."

And to prove the point Crosfields won the recent six-a-side Cheshire FA Inspire League played at Moss Farm in Northwich.

On Saturday they head to Leeds to face teams from Newcastle, Sheffield and Leeds in the FA People's Cup regional semi-finals.