GIVE our Halliwell Jones Stadium themed quiz a try, marking the ground's 15th birthday.

We reckon this is pretty tough and would rate any score over 15 as excellent.

The answers are provided at the end to put you out of your misery for any questions you find too tricky.

> 13 of the best matches at The Halliwell Jones Stadium

> 15 years of The Halliwell Jones Stadium

> Cullen and Westwood share memories of last match at Wilderspool


1. Who were the first team to beat The Wire at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

2. Which player scored tries for Wire in each of their first three games at the ground?

3. Name the teams to contest the first Challenge Cup semi-final staged at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

4. Who were The Wire’s opponents in the first draw at The HJ?

5. In football, who scored the first goal at Warrington Wolves’ current home ground?

6. Who was the last current Wire player to cross for a hat-trick of tries in a match at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

7. Which team drawn at home to The Wire in the Challenge Cup decided to switch the tie to The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

8. Confirm the year in which The Wire scored their most home wins in one season at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

9. Who was the first Warringtonian to appear in a professional football match at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

10. Which rugby league superstar signified his retirement by famously waving to his boots he had placed on the halfway line at The Halliwell Jones Stadium at the end of the Northern Union v New Zealand All Golds match in 2007?

11. Which team has scored the most points in one match against The Wire at The Halliwell Jones Stadium?

12. Name the player to have scored more tries at The HJ than any other?

13. Who did Wolves’ under 20s beat in the 2012 Grand Final on home turf?

14. In which year did The Halliwell Jones Stadium stage an international between Australia and New Zealand on Warrington soil for the first time?

15. What caused a 45-minute delay to the Championship Grand Final between Featherstone and Halifax at the HJ in 2010?

16. How many Wire head coaches have there been during the Halliwell Jones Stadium era?

17. What was the stadium capacity before the East Stand corners were filled in?

18. Who were England’s opponents in the European Nations Championship Final played at the HJ in 2004?

19. Name the Warrington Wolves chief executive at the time the club made the move from Wilderspool?

20. Who were the three debutants in the starting Wire 13 for the first game at the HJ?








1, Widnes

2, Paul Wood

3, St Helens and Huddersfield

4, Bradford

5, Conny Pohlers (German women’s team, 2005)

6, Jame Mamo (for Huddersfield)

7, Rochdale

8, 2013

9, James Chester (Manchester United Reserves, 2008)

10, Stacey Jones

11, Leeds (52, in 2007)

12, Ryan Atkins

13, Leeds

14, 2011

15, small fire (West Stand)

16, four (Cullen, Lowes, Smith, Price)

17, 13,024

18, Ireland

19, Andy Gatcliffe

20, John Wilshere, Chris Leikvoll, Mike Forshaw