Guardian sports reporter Matt Turner sits down with Wire head coach Steve Price for an update on preparations for Saturday's game against Hull KR...

MT: Other than the suspensions and existing injuries, everyone fit and healthy?

SP: It’s unfortunate that Ben’s copped a two-week ban and that Toby has got one week. Other than that, we’re all fit and healthy. We’ve got a lot of depth this year and a lot of bodies to choose from. Everyone’s pushing to be in that 17.

MT: Was it a case of taking a view on Ben and Toby’s suspensions and deciding they were fair enough?

SP: I thought Ben’s was fair enough. It’s a tough one in terms of the tackle because Konrad Hurrell is one of the strongest players in the game.

He got in a position where it was a piggy-back type of tackle and it was unfortunate that both his legs left the ground. That’s not a tackle that Ben does. He’s just trying to bring the big fella down and he got into an unfortunate position.

Toby’s was a bit of a tough penalty. Back in the old days that would have been classed as a quality tackle.

He didn’t put him in a dangerous position and he’s landed on both shoulder blades. We have to accept the RFL’s decision and move on. We’ve got a number of players pushing for their places in the 17 this week.

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Warrington Guardian:

Jason Clark could take Ben Westwood's place in the starting line-up against Hull KR. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: You’ll have done your review on the Leeds game. What’s it brought up in terms of areas you need to improve upon?

SP: It’s moreso about continuing to grow our relationships and combinations with each other.

The more times Blake and Dec play together with the likes of Daryl (Clark), Danny (Walker) and Stef (Ratchford), the better we’re going to be.

It’s like when you have a new romance – it takes a little bit of time. We’ll be better for the run.

Defensively, I was really pleased considering we played 16 minutes with 12 men. Systematically, we showed some positive signs to keep turning them away.

We’ll get a lot of confidence from it, but its round one. We’re not getting carried away with ourselves. Hull KR are going to pose different challenges to what Leeds did and we’ve trained accordingly.

Warrington Guardian:

Celebrations following Blake Austin's try against Leeds. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: Stef, Josh and Daryl picked up Man of Steel points this week but they could have gone to a few others, couldn’t they?

SP: Yeah, certainly. I was really impressed with our back five and what they did – Bryson Goodwin was outstanding.

Collectively across the board, the entire 17 played their part and that’s what I expect every week.

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MT: Onto Hull KR now – in what ways will this game be a different test to what Leeds was?

SP: They play a different style of attack. They have a pair of quality halves in Danny McGuire and Josh Drinkwater and an ex-half who’s playing full-back in Chris Atkin.

With the way Tim Sheens has coached over the years, he likes to play with a bit of attacking flair and he always comes with a few trick shots.

We’ve planned for that and we’ve trained for that. They have a lot more depth than last year so they will be a much better team.

My challenge is to prepare my team as best I can every week no matter who we are playing. It’s about preparing our team and leaving no stone unturned.

MT: It was the first Super League game under the new rules. Were you happy with how it all flowed?

SP: Certainly. I think its really positive for the game.

It felt a lot quicker and having spoken to the players, they felt the game went quicker as well. The shot clocks at scrums are a really good step in particular.

I saw somewhere that the St Helens-Wigan game was shorter by nine minutes. I think that’s really positive.

The fans might lose a pot of beer with less time but I’m sure they’d make up for it when they leave the stadium!

Warrington Guardian:

The shot clock got its first Super League outing over the weekend. Picture by Mike Boden

MT: I think the fans share your views with the new rules but one thing that has got a lot of comments is the amount of time video ref decisions are still taking. Would you advocate putting a time limit on them?

SP: I just want them to make the right decision. If that takes a little bit of extra time, I’m comfortable with that.

They can be quicker at times but at the end of the day, they have to be efficient while getting the right evidence to get the correct outcome.

If they do that while speeding things up in the process, it would be good for both parties.