JOHN Redmond fished the River Mersey for the first time on our stretch behind the waste site at Woolston.

Despite catches being down on previous months when conditions were warmer he wasn't deterred and set up a small groundbait feeder and introduced a few maggots.

With a single one on the hook he soon caught small roach - a few in the 8oz bracket - and ended a three-hour session with more than 30 fish.

On latest Mersey Series match on Sunday, held again at Mersey Walk, saw Derek Bibby take home first prize.

He fished with pole and maggot to win with two perch - while the rest were roach - for a weight of 6-15-0.

Ed Frangleton and Bas Chambers shared second spot with all-roach nets of 4-2-0.

Jimmy Byrne claimed victory for the second week running in our latest disabled and over 60s match fished on the Bridgewater Canal at Walton.

He landed 9-8-9 of roach and perch taken on the pole, alternating between pinky and punched bread.

George Hollis runner-up with 5-12-7 using the same method.

Thanks to the gentleman who reported anglers fishing on the Bridgewater Canal at Preston Brook on Saturday afternoon who he suspected were non-members.

His intuition was right; there were two anglers piking and both of them knew the score.

Cheekily, one of them had a pike of around 11lbs while I was checking and he told me he'd already caught four others.

Needless to say they packed up and left after a warning.

As a matter of interest, ‘theft of fishing rights’ - fishing without permission or unlicensed - can be reported to the police and is a recordable offence.

Keep sending catch reports to me - good, bad or indifferent they help members gauge how waters are fishing - by email to or call me on 01928 716238.

Our association headquarters on Parker Street are open every Friday, between 7pm and 9pm, when 2019 night-permits will be available.

You can no longer book on with last year’s numbers.


Mersey Series, Sunday: 1, Derek Bibby 6-15-0; 2=, Ed Frangleton, Barry Chambers 4-2-0; 3, Ray Boden 3-5-0.

Disabled and over 60s, Monday: 1, Jimmy Byrne 9-8-9; 2, George Hollis 5-12-7; 3, Geoff Brooks 5-10-6; 4, Alan Brown 4-9-7.


Sunday, Mersey Series: Draw 9.45am, Mersey Walk.

Monday, Disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am, Woodshaw Reservoir.