THE water level may still be lower than earlier in the year, but the fish at High Legh were still in a feeding mood last week when Ged Richards decided on his first visit to the fishery on Wednesday.

The weather was wet and windy, but the surrounding high banks offered some shelter from the elements.

Fishing a simple block-end feeder and maggot, he ended his session with a mixed catch of eight small tench, a bream, and two carp around eight to 10lbs that tested his light set-up to the limits.

After blanking on a frozen lake the previous day, Neil Plunkett thought Grey Mist was worth a punt despite a mild gale is blowing through on Tuesday.

I met Andrew Weston the bailiff and helped him photograph his mid double carp catch at midday and then later he returned the favour when my small groundbait feeder and red maggot gave me the only bite of the session which resulted in a lively Grey Mist tench.

Neil commented, “A fitting end to the year with some great fishing on Warrington waters.”

This week’s Sunday Mersey Series event at Victoria Park saw match regular and octogenarian Norman Gannon clock up his first win of the year with 3lbs 4ozs 0drs.

His catch was made up of a couple of chub – best 1½lbs – an 8oz roach and the rest tiny roach taken on groundbait feeder and maggot.

Derek Bibby was in second place with 3-2-0 on the same method. Match as usual on Sunday with an additional Special on Boxing Day.

Our disabled and over 60s match on Monday, held on the Dead Length at Walton, saw George Barber – aka ‘The Breadman’ – put together a mixed net of mainly roach with a few perch for a winning weight of 6-13-7.

He caught on the pole at 11metres, mainly using bread punch but changed occasionally to pinkie which accounted for the occasional perch.

Ron Durr on the next peg was the runner-up fishing the same method with a weight of 5-7-6.

Due to the Christmas/New Year holiday period, the next match will be on January 7, 2019.

Please send me your catch reports – good, bad, or indifferent – as they help members to gauge how waters are fishing to plan their outings.

Please email or give me a call on 01928 716238.

WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street are open as usual every Friday between 7pm and 8.30pm. The new 2019 night permits are now available from HQ.


Sunday, Mersey Series: 1, Norman Gannon 3-4-0; 2, Derek Bibby 3-2-0; 3, Ed Frangleton; 4, Jimmy Byrne 2-12-0

Monday, disabled and over 60s: 1, George Barber 6-13-7; 2, Ron Durr 5-7-6; 3, Derek Bibby 3-14-7; 4, Jimmy Byrne 3-0-5


Sunday, Mersey Series: Draw 9.45am at Mersey Walk

Disabled and over 60s: No match until January 7

Wednesday, Mersey Boxing Day Special: Draw 9.45am at Mersey Walk