ON Friday at Statham Pool, Neil Plunkett faced gale-force winds with tremendous gusts blowing branches off the trees, torrential rain showers and thunder and lightning to add a bit of drama.

Following a lunchtime start, he caught four quality bream and three carp before beating a hasty retreat homewards during a lull in the weather.

In spite of his damaged brolly and being rather wet, he commented “What a great local venue.”

He also managed to fit in a trip to the Mount for the first time in ages last week and in addition to a couple of nice low double-figure carp, he caught some cracking roach to well over 1lb on the slider float tactics. Both venues worth a visit.

Mike Pritchard took his granddaughter, four-year-old Amelia Rose-Lily Davies, on the River Mersey on Saturday and fishing a whip and maggots, she had caught two perch and seven roach even before he had set up.

Then, her interest centred on attracting the ducks, which were more than grateful for the fed maggots.

As for Mike, during the short visit he managed 20 roach, perch, and a couple of chub on waggler and maggot and caster.

Richie Baldwin enjoyed a session on the River Wyre a week ago where he fished two lines – one on the lead across the river and the other testing out his new 16ft float rod trotting a stick down the same swim.

He caught chub on both methods and lost two good fish on the leger rod, the first one took off like a rocket towards Fleetwood!

Steve Alcock has highlighted that many of the pegs previously available to members on our stretch of the River Dane at Holmes Chapel are now virtually unfishable due to fallen trees and branches.

He has kindly offered to take part in working parties so anyone who likewise values this gem of a river and would like to help, please get in touch with me either by phone or email including your phone number and hopefully we can get the job sorted.

Our Saturday Mersey Match series, fished at the Kingsway Allotments stretch, saw Derek Bibby continue his form from previous week to put an impressive net of nine bream to 5lbs together with ten eels on the scales for a weight of 40lbs 13ozs 0drs, which gave him a 30lbs-plus buffer. He caught them allegedly on groundbait feeder and maggot.

Neil Davies took second place with two bream to 4lbs plus roach taken on both pole and feeder tactics.

The Sunday Mersey Championship drawn at Victoria Park saw Derek Bibby clock up his fifth consecutive win on the river with a lower weight than the previous day of 14-2-0. He caught a bream of 3lbs plus roach taken on groundbait feeder and maggot.

Jimmy Byrne took second place with 11-7-0 of roach and perch taken groundbait feeder and maggot.

Our Monday disabled and over 60s match was fished this week on the Bridgewater Canal at Walton and saw Jimmy Byrne return a winning weight of 7-4-8.

He had a roach and perch catch taken on pole and maggot. Derek Bibby took second place with 5-10-7.

Your catch reports are always welcome and it is nice to let follow members know how waters are fishing. Please email frank@warrington-anglers.org.uk or give me a call on 01928 716238.

WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street are open as usual every Friday between 7pm and 9pm for 2018 night permits/membership renewals, new members, subscriptions, and any queries.


Saturday, Mersey Series: 1, Derek Bibby 40-13-0; 2, Neil Davies 9-9-0; 3, Ray Boden 6-11-0; 4, Jimmy Byrne 3-9-0.

Sunday, Mersey Series: 1, Derek Bibby 14-2-0; 2, Jimmy Byrne 11-7-0; 3, Ade Green 10-3-0; 4, Jim Gannon 9-15-0.

Monday, disabled and over 60s (Trent & Mersey, Billinge): 1, Jimmy Byrne 7-4-8; 2, Derek Bibby 5-10-7; 3, Geoff Brooks 5-7-0; 4, John Dagnall 3-8-10


Saturday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Kingsway Allotments.

Sunday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Mersey Walk.

Monday, disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am at Woodshaw Reservoir