TWO mirror carp, both crackers, were caught at Moore Quarry on Monday.

They weighed in at 28-4-0 and 32-6-0 respectively.

It's a notoriously difficult spot to catch carp, so it was session so savour, but for some reason members overlook the quality of roach, tench, bream, perch and pike at the fishery in scenic surroundings a few miles from Warrington.

Lucas Procec not only carries out valuable voluntary work at our Phoenix Park fishery but finds time occasionally for a spot of fishing.

During a recent session he bagged a 9lbs bream, five tench in the 4-5lbs range and three carp just over 10lbs each.

Our bailiff Andrew Hewson doesn’t mind sharing information on his catches.

A session on the large water at Sandiway last week yielded three tench to 11-4-0, four bream - with the best a real specimen at 16-9-0 - and one carp weighing in at 24lbs.

The lilies at Grey Mist Mere have been treated, and thankfully the weather was in our favour.

We'll take off the seed bulbs early next week to help prevent further spread of the herbicide.

While there I saw the mess left by a fly-tipper who has a key as presumably the gate would have been locked.

We cleaned up following day and there is still more to remove.

From now on members must keep both barriers closed at all times.

Our Mersey Series match on Saturday, fished at the Kingsway Allotments, saw Derek Bibby put another winning net of roach and perch on the scales for a weight of 15-7-0.

He caught all his fish using pole and maggot tactics.

And Derek repeated the trick on Sunday, this time at Mersey Walk, with a superb weight of 21-3-0 made up of roach, perch and hybrids taken on pole and maggot.

Pip Woodier took first prize from our Monday fixture, fished this week on the Trent and Mersey Canal at Billinge.

He topped the standings with a weight of 4-9-4 consisting of roach and perch caught alternating between maggot and caster.

Keep sending your catch reports - fellow members like to know how waters are fishing - by email to or call me on 01928 716238.

Our headquarters at Parker Street are open every Friday, between 7pm and 9pm, for night-permits, memberships, subscriptions and queries.


Mersey Series, Saturday: 1, Derek Bibby 15-7-0; 2, Ray Boden 13-10-0; 3, Jimmy Byrne 11-14-0; 4, Mike Dench 10-0-0.

Mersey Series, Sunday: 1, Derek Bibby 21-3-0; 2, Jimmy Byrne 17-15-0; 3, Ade Green 15-12--0; 4, Ray Boden 14-4-0.

Disabled and over 60s (Trent & Mersey, Billinge): 1, Pip Woodier 4-9-4; 2, Ron Durr 4-4-2; 3, Jimmy Byrne 4-4-0; 4, Graham Belton 4-0-0.


Saturday, Mersey Series: Daw 9am, Kingsway Allotments.

Sunday, Mersey Championship: Draw 9am, Victoria Park.

Monday, Disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am, Walton Church, Bridgewater Canal.