HERE is what happened when we sat down for a Facebook Q&A session with Warrington Wolves youngster Jack Johnson

How is the recovery coming along from injury?

Its going well. It’s a slow process at the moment getting back on my feet but I’m doing more and more each day. I’ve just had a screw taking out and that’s just settling down, so we can kick on again.

Are you still on track to be back for pre-season before next year?

Yeah, that’s the plan. Get back into pre-season for the hard stuff, but prolong it a few weeks so I don’t have to do all the hard stuff

It must have been frustrating for because you were looking sharp in pre-season and Steve himself said you were banging on the door for the first team?

Yeah, an injury like that is always hard to take but I’d only played 40 minutes all season before I did it and that was for Rochdale over in Toulouse, so I felt like it was sort of a waste of a season as I didn’t play any rugby, so it was a tough one to take.

Has this experience helped you in the long run, especially mentally?

Definitely. With big injuries like mine you have to look at everything and it sort of prepares you for life after rugby as you don’t know how you’re going to recover. It has definitely made me want it more, so it can only be a good thing.

How long did you have to wear the protective boot for?

I was in the boot for about 2 months, which was a bit of a nightmare. I couldn’t drive but I got chauffeured about by a lot of the lads. They chipped in and I think I still owe them some petrol money.

How long have you been playing rugby for and when did you start?

I probably started 10 years ago when I went to high school, so I was about 12. At the time I was football mad before I got transferred over to the dark side as all my mates said.

What did it mean to you when Warrington made it through to the Challenge Cup final?

It’s a massive thing for the town. I was buzzing for my mates because it’s such a big thing. It’s a great weekend going down to Wembley and we can just enjoy the weekend and have a few shandies and hopefully get the win.

Being forced from watching on from the side-lines this year, how have things seemed different from last season?

Last year was a tough season and it ended up getting everybody down. It wasn’t the best environment and wasn’t good for the club. This year, everybody bought into Pricey. He’s a good bloke.

There seems to be a growing togetherness within the squad. Do you all feel that yourselves?

Yeah, definitely. We all get on and we are all mates as well. We’ve really bought into everything that’s been thrown at us.

Who do you think has been the best player in Super League so far this year?

Everyone straight away, just from how he performed at the start of the season would go Ben Barba, and I think that’s fair, but more recently I don’t think you can look far past Mike Cooper. He’s been unbelievable for us.

When you finished your short-term stay at Widnes, was there an opportunity for you to move there or did you want to fight for your place at Warrington?

It never really got discussed. When I got back from my month’s loan, Warrington asked for me back and I just hoped they wanted to keep me, which they did.

What did you think of Tommy’s 90 metre tries?

Personally, I don’t think they were down to Tommy. It was really bad defence on both accounts and he shouldn’t have ever been in the position to score them because I think if he’d have never broke my leg then I think they would have been me.

For any youngsters out there with a long-term injury, what experience or advice could you pass on to them?

Just from mine I’d say don’t overthink it. Obviously you will at first, but just go with it and believe that you will get back and you will do.

What has been your favourite moment for the club so far?

At the moment my favourite would probably be making my debut. That is still one which is a big moment for me.

Off the field a highlight was when we were on the army camp and Harvey Livett had to quit because he passed out and it was too tough for him.

He was in a world of pain: collapsing and throwing up, so that was a good moment.

Do you think we can win the Challenge Cup final?

Yes, definitely. Hopefully it is our year.