HIGH temperatures combined with no fresh water entering Cicely Mill Pool has had an adverse effect on a shallow fishery.

Our bailiffs this week removed more than 30 bream and skimmers that had been dead for a number of days after perishing due to a lack of oxygen.

A visit from the Environment Agency noted levels had improved, but water temperatures are still high - hopefully the recent rainfall will have a positive impact.

If it hadn't been for the effort of our volunteers, another shallow fishery might easily have suffered the same fate.

Thankfully water pumped from the Bridgewater Canal has helped to restore the balance at Ackers Pit.

A change of venue to Mersey Walk for Mersey Series match on Saturday saw committee member Mike Dench take his first win of the year.

To a bonus bream of 5lbs, taken on pole and maggot, he added roach and perch for a total weight of 11-15-0.

Dave Brooks took second spot with 9-6-0 fishing the same method.

It was great to see international match legend Kevin Ashurst back on the scene and drawing coin.

Jimmy Byrne notched up another win on Sunday, this time in our Tom James Open match on the River Mersey at Kingsway Allotments.

He put 11-6-0 of skimmers, roach and perch, taken using feeder and maggot tactics, on the scales to take first prize ahead of Rod Frazer.

The runner-up alternated between pole and feeder for a weight of 9-10-0.

George Hollis put together a net of skimmers and roach for a winning weight of 6-5-4, taken on both pinkie and caster, in our latest Monday match - fished this week on the Bridgewater Canal at Preston Brook towards Warrington.

Keep sending your catch reports - they let fellow members know how waters are fishing - by email frank@warrington-anglers.org.uk or call me on 01928 716238.

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Mersey Series, Saturday: 1, Mike Dench 11-15-0; 2, Dave Brooks 9-6-0; 3, Steve Brooks 7-1-0; 4, Kevin Ashurst 6-11-0.

Tom James Open, Sunday: 1, Jimmy Byrne 11-6-0; 2, Rod Frazer 9-10-0; 3, John Green 9-4-0; 4, Alan Birchall 7-11-0.

Disabled and over 60s, Monday: 1, George Hollis 6-5-4; 2, Graham Belton 5-8-0; 3, Rod Frazer 5-10-7; 4, Jimmy Byrne 5-5-4.


Saturday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am, Kingsway Allotments.

Sunday, Mersey Challenge Shield: Draw 9am, Victoria Park.

Monday, Disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am, Woodshaw Reservoir.