HEAD Bailiff Jay Makin was wringing wet with sweat and bitten from head to toe by midges after grafting alongside other volunteers during Saturday’s working party at Grey Mist Mere.

He had second thoughts about fishing the venue later, but bivvied up and was rewarded with two mirror carp before losing a third in snags.

The fish were stunning, and weighed 18 and 21lbs.

He also landed a decent-sized tench, which thrive on anglers' high-protein baits, helping to make it a popular place for those targeting these red-eyed olive beauties.

Steven Crewe and his son Lewis, who is 12, enjoyed their visit to our Offa’s Dyke fishery at Treuddyn on Monday.

They both fished a whip and maggot, making the most of good sport with small perch and silver fish.

Lewis caught between 30 and 40 roach, although Steven commented that there was a lack of larger specimens.

We have restocked there following otter attacks, and installed fencing with a hotwire to deter any predators.

Ackers Pit has suffered in recent weeks due to the unusually hot weather and the water supply from the Bridgewater Canal has been out of action.

Thanks to the efforts of our local bailiff Mike Monks, who on several occasions has manned a small pump adjacent to the source, there has been some oxygenated water going into the pit.

Other fisheries are not so lucky, and we are in the lap of the gods as a number are running low.

Our Saturday Series match on the River Mersey, this week drawn at Kingsway Allotments, was won for a second week in succession by Dave Brooks fishing on pole and maggot to end up with a net of roach and perch for 14-8-0.

Martin Lenihan, using the same method, took second with a weight of 8-12-0.

The Sunday fixture was won by Danny Sixsmith, a well-known angler, with a catch of small skimmers, roach and perch using pole and maggot tactics for a weight of 12-15-0.

Lennie Dutton won our disabled and over 60s match, on the Bridgewater Canal at Pickering's Bridge, fishing the pole and alternating baits between bread punch and pinky to take mainly roach caught on the drop for a weight of 6-8-8.

Keep sending your catch reports - it's great to let follow members know how waters are fishing - by email to frank@warrington-anglers.org.uk or call me on 01928 716238.

Our headquarters on Parker Street are open as usual every Friday, between 7pm and 9pm, for night-permits, membership-renewals, subscriptions and any queries.


Mersey Series, Saturday: 1, Dave Brooks 14-8-0; 2, Martin Lenihan 8-12-0; 3, Martin Kettle 8-4-0; 4, Ray Boden 7-2-0,

Mersey Series, Sunday: 1, Danny Sixsmith 12-15-0; 2, Barry Chambers 11-11-0; 3, Ray Boden 9-9-0; 4, Jim Gannon 7-5-0.

Disabled and over 60s: 1, Lennie Dutton 6-8-0; 2, Jimmy Byrne 3-7-2; 3, Alan Brown 3-3-8; 4, Graham Belton 2-14-12.


Saturday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am, Kingsway.

Sunday, Briars Cup Open: Draw 9am, Victoria Park.

Monday, Disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am, Bridgewater Canal, Pickering's Bridge.