STUDENTS from Warrington-based Cheshire Martial Arts Centre are preparing to represent England on the world stage this weekend.

The Evans House club will have 12 competitors and two coaches travelling to Dundee to form part of the SSKA England team that competes in the WUKF World Karate Championships.

Among their number is Jess Bate, who already has a world title under her belt having won gold ndividual female 21-35 years Rengokai (all styles) kata at the UWK World Karate Championships in Italy last year.

“My students have put in up to 12 hours per week for a number of months, working on fitness, technique and power for this world event,” head coach Paul Graham said.

“I have confidence in each and every one of them to perform at their very best and compete against the highest calibre karateka in the world.”

The competition starts on Thursday and runs through the weekend before finishing on Sunday.