WHEN the England squad for next weekend’s clash with New Zealand was announced yesterday, Wire fans took to social media to have their say.

Chris Hill and Stefan Ratchford were The Wire’s only two representatives in the 19-man squad that will make the trip to Denver.

Two Wire players in England squad for Denver test

Players such as Daryl Clark, Mike Cooper and Josh Charnley were overlooked by England head coach Wayne Bennett and plenty of Wolves fans thought Clark in particular was unlucky to be left at home.

Here are some of the reactions:

Warrington Wolves – Warrington Guardian Facebook page:

Lyle Shane: Daz Clark should be in that squad and charnley

Garry Billington: I think daryl Clark should of been there. Rotation off the bench between him and Roby would quality.

Andy Bibby: Why take Clark when Roby has been consistantly better for years? James Graham over Cooper (Coops is great)...but not nearly in the same class.

McGillvery was the World Cup star player while Charnley has been back in RL less than 3 months!

Take off the P&B coloured specs.

Chris Davies: Completely agree with Cooper’s omission due to the likes of Graham etc...but I’d have taken Clark over Roby purely on form. Maybe slightly too early for Charnley. I’d have taken him over McGillvery again based on form but I can see why he’s not been selected.

Martin Ellis-hall: Happy with only 2 players going, a bit of a rest for the others, Daz has been awesome and played some hard minutes.

Paul Harrison: Fine with me from a club perspective as less game to get an injury.

Stuart Wilson: Facts Wayne Bennet said he would pick players on form, how can he not pick Clark, Cooper has been outstanding but he is unfortunate that there are so many English props having good seasons. Too early for Charley and Makinson deserves his shot.George Williams shouldn’t be in the Wigan team never mind the England team.

Gary Rudd: Clark very unlucky, other than that, no WIRE omissions that I would disagree with.

Chris Elwell: Think it’s a funny one when Bennet claims to go off form but when you look at current form there are 2-3 Warrington names that should be up there over other clubs right now. That being said whilst it’s a shame for them internationally i would rather none of the club go domestically as we could do without the distractions it didn’t exactly help our pre season.

Pete M Hyde: Can't see how Charnley isn't in there or Clark.

Warrington Guardian website:

pennstate: Can't believe Clark has not gone! Anyway at least he can get some rest and time is on his side!


He has to be the form player of the superleague.

Sean Oloughlin is past his sell by date with all due respect, I love to hate him but he is not the player of energy and dynamic skills id have chosen.

Wire78: Im amazed Clark and Charnley arent in the squad I hope he picks players on form for the winter tests not old favourites like Ryan Hall and OLoughlin