A NEW date and venue has been scheduled for the four-times postponed Cheshire Senior Cup clash between Warrington Town and Winsford United.

Town chairman Toby Macormac has revealed in a statement that Yellows will now host the tie at Cantilever Park on Monday, February 26.

This means, due to a backlog of fixtures, Paul Carden’s side will be in action three times in four days.

Town play Evo-Stik Premier Division fixtures at Hednesford Town on Saturday, February 24 and then at Grantham Town on Tuesday, February 27.

Three attempts to play the first-round tie at Winsford had fallen foul of wet weather conditions.

Then confusion reigned on Wednesday, the day after Town’s league win at Matlock, when the result of an official Cheshire FA pitch inspection at St Luke’s Stadium declared the pitch playable that night as had been scheduled, but within half an hour the clash was postponed for a fourth time.

It was said on social media that Town were refusing to send a team, an allegation which Yellows chiefs denied.

Both Cheshire FA and Warrington Town have issued statements today.

“We have received reports of numerous rumours surrounding the fixture and Cheshire FA would like to clarify the reason why this fixture did not take place as scheduled,” it said in the statement from the competition organisers.

The statement continues: “At 10.30am on the day of the fixture a Winsford United club official conducted a pitch inspection and deemed the pitch unplayable at that time.

“Winsford United then asked Cheshire FA to send a match official to the ground to carry out an official inspection.

“This inspection was completed by Cheshire FA at 16.15 and the match official declared the pitch playable at 16.30 “In the time before the official inspection, Warrington Town players were told the match was postponed and so were stood down by Warrington Town club officials after receiving this information from the home team.

“Both teams have been instructed to ensure the fixture is completed as soon as possible without delay.”

Town chairman Toby Macormac then issued his own statement.

It reads: “After the postponement of Wednesday’s fixture versus Winsford United many people not even connected with the game in question chose to make accusations on social media that not only questioned the integrity of our club but also me personally.

“Due to our fixture backlog I personally selected the fixture date knowing full well we had a game only 24 hours before - that may also have been an FA Trophy replay - so a guaranteed fixture either way.

“I selected this date as I knew I would have no issue in raising a team, with having access to two academy teams and players dual registered at other clubs and this date suited Winsford United as others that were offered - after numerous postponements - did not so we tried to assist there knowing that they ground share with another club.

“The day before the fixture we were informed by Winsford that the condition of the surface was unplayable in one area only and is extremely unlikely to go ahead to the point I offered a reschedule of the fixture at Warrington Town to ensure the game finally went ahead which was duly accepted as a way forward by Winsford if it was required.

“The day of fixture our club secretary called Winsford and was told there was no possibility of the fixture going ahead and the inspection planned at 4pm will be a formality.

“At this point players and also parents were contacted - as some academy players do not drive - to inform them that their services were not required and the likely replay date would be February 26 at Warrington which comes the day before a 3pm departure to Grantham Town so in effect nothing really changed from the Matlock scenario.

“Just after 4.30pm our secretary again rang Winsford to check on the formality of the inspection to be told the pitch has been passed which after two days of stating it’s no chance of being played came as a shock to say the least and after some deliberation by myself I deemed it impossible to gather everyone back together so informed Winsford we could not fulfil the fixture due to unforeseen circumstances which was the correspondence exchanged over the 48hr period and in no way was a refusal to send a team made, it was around the correspondence and timescale.

“People will be demanding to know as to why the fixture has been re-scheduled to Warrington Town on the 26th with no further action taken against either club and this is quite simple in the fact that Winsford United informed us the match was postponed as per Cheshire FA statement so the formality of the match officials attendance went the wrong way and he passed it fit.

“I personally believe the learning from this is that the rules of the competition are adhered to where only a match official can postpone a fixture and not the clubs.

“It’s my own personal view that Winsford United and Warrington Town actually tried to work together to get this fixture played which is highlighted by agreeing a switch to our ground which with our fixture pile up like Winsford (with 1874) is the last thing we need.

“I hope this clears the matter up and both clubs can get back to business and social media users can find it within themselves to now take a different view compared to Wednesday evening and within that I can fully understand people’s frustrations as I was also but it was not the right time for me to comment before the relevant governing body.”