THANK goodness for our bailiff Chris Connell and the reports that he sends me for the benefit of our members who read both this column and my blog.

On Monday, he fished at our Association-owned Woodshaw Reservoir Fishery, setting up the pole at 12metres with a 2lbs hook-length, size 20’s hook and single maggot.

He fished hard against bankside rushes and caught around fifty roach whilst two colleagues, who shall be nameless, blanked. Better luck next time guys!

Thanks to the members who turned out for the working party at Offa’s Dyke last Sunday to clear up vegetation that was interfering with the otter defences. They are a well-organised group of devoted members who look after this water and The Mount at Buckley.

Incidentally, some scumbag has left a vanload of asbestos garage sheets on our locked carpark at the latter.

I just wish they would make themselves known to our group of volunteers, who I am sure would love to whisper words of endearment in their shell-likes.

Our Sunday Mersey Series was won this week by local match ace Alan Faulkner with 0lbs 14ozs 8drs with one bite, one skimmer that had a chunk taken out of it by a cormorant using the usual standby winter method of groundbait feeder and maggot.

Match organiser Ray Boden was in second place with 0-10-7.

It gets worse…our disabled and over 60s match, held again this week at Hough’s Bridge on the Bridgewater Canal, saw weights half from the previous week.

Jimmy Byrne needed only 1-4-12 to take first place. George Barber, fishing his usual bread punch, took the runner-up spot with 0-15-8.

Membership cards are starting to go out this week so if you have changed address and not told us, you should get in touch as your card will have been posted to the address on your membership record.

Members will notice a new initiative on the payment slip that was suggested by a number of members, an ‘Otter Fencing Fund’ which will help to address the growing possibility of the appearance on our enclosed fisheries by these beautiful creatures that sadly devastate stocks on such waters.

It was started with an initial donation of £50, so we will see how it goes.

Any reports always more than welcome, including ‘humorous bankside happenings.’ Send to or give me a call on 01928 716238.

WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street are open as usual every Friday between 7pm and 9pm for 2018 night permits/membership renewals, new members, subscriptions, and any queries.


Sunday, Mersey Series: 1, Alan Faulkner 0-14-8; 2, Ray Boden 0-10-7; 3, Jim Gannon 0-9-5; 4, Ant Higham 0-7-10.

Monday, disabled and over 60s: 1, Jimmy Byrne 1-4-12; 2, George Barber 0-15-8; 3, Roy Rogers 0-15-4; 4, Derek Bibby 0-8-12.


Sunday, River Mersey Series: Draw 10am at Victoria Park.

Monday, disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am at Woodshaw Reservoir.