IAN Smethurst sent me the first report for some months from his visit to High Legh Fisheries last week.

He wasn’t expecting much action and was pleasantly surprised when, after three casts, his float dipped and soon a tench of about 1½lbs lay in his landing net.

This was followed by four further smaller ones until he hit unto a much bigger fish that took him around the back of the island before parting company.

Ian was soon fishing again, but after an hour nothing was happening and decided it was time to pack up and was just sorting his bait out when he was in again.

Another better fish, but thankfully it stayed in open water and a mirror carp he reckons was 10lbs…ish lay on his unhooking mat. Method was a method feeder and dead maggot on the hook.

Last week, Ade Green decided on a fresh attack on the roach population at Appleton Reservoir following a recent session when, fishing the tip using a small ground bait feeder and maggot, he found the going slow with a few small roach for his efforts.

This time he fished a different peg and a change of method to a waggler, loose feeding maggot, caster, and hemp at around five rod-lengths.

After an hour and a half watching a stationary float, he was just about to change to a ledger set-up when the float dipped and it was game on.

He ended up with 47 roach, averaging around three to the pound witnessed by England international Kevin Ashurst, who spent some time chatting to him.

Our Sunday Mersey match was another win for match ace Jimmy Byrne with a catch of 38 small roach taken on ground bait feeder and maggot for a weight of 3lbs 0ozs 0drs.

Alan Morris, fishing the same method, took second place with 1-0-8 made up of a solitary perch and 15 roach.

Just a reminder that 2017 night permits expire on the December 31, 2017, and must be renewed before further bookings may be taken along with the 2018 membership subscription.

Come on guys, somebody must be out trying out their new Christmas presents! Send me your catch reports, please!

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Happy New Year to all members and those who both read and contribute to this column/blog.


Sunday Mersey Series: 1, Jimmy Byrne 3-0-0; 2, Alan Morris 1-0-8; 3, Ed Frangleton 12-6; 4, Jim Gannon/Pete Jones 0-10-0.


Sunday, River Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Victoria Park.