CHESHIRE Martial Arts Centre students will be looking to build on recent success when they compete in the United World Karate World Karate Championships in Italy.

Jess Bate, Ben Hutson-Redfearn, Rebecca Cameron, Rio Johnson, Darron McQuillon and John Cameron (SSKA referee) set out to Italy on Wednesday with the UWK England contingent including head coach Paul Graham, eighth dan, who is also chief instructor of CMAC.

Action in Montecatini starts on Thursday and continues on Friday.

They were among CMAC students who competed as part of the SSKA England squad at the (UWK) National Karate Championships in Sheffield on November 19.

Results: Ben Hutson-Redfearn, 17, third dan, gold in 15-17 years individual male rengokai kata.

Hannah Amiri, 16, third dan, gold in 15-17yrs individual female rengokai kata.

Oliver Smith, 15, first dan, bronze in 15-17yrs individual male rengokai kata.

Rio Johnson, 14, second dan, bronze in 13-14yrs individual open styles kata.

Jess Bate, 21, third dan, gold in over 15s individual female open kata, silver in 21-35 yrs individual mixed (male/female) rengokai kata.

Grace Barnett, 11, first dan, gold in individual female 10-12yrs open kata, gold in individual female 10-12yrs kumite.

Lilly Mangan, 10, first dan, bronze in individual female 10-12yrs open kata.

Rebecca Cameron, 19, second dan, bronze in over 18s individual female shitoryu kata.

Joel Eccleston, 11, second dan, gold in Individual 10-12yrs open style kata, bronze in individual 10-12yrs kumite.

Darron McQuillan, fourth dan, gold in veterans male kata category.

Cheshire Martial Arts Centre is based in Evans House, Norman Street, and can be contacted on 07831 418631.

The dojo is open seven days a week for traditional and sport karate classes.