SELFLESS residents and community groups in Appleton have been praised for their efforts as the battle against fly-tipping continues.

Waste has been dumped across the area in recent weeks at locations including Dingle Lane and the garages at Guernsey Close – a spot which has also become overgrown with grass and weeds.

Despite the challenges ahead, Appleton's Liberal Democrat councillors Brian Axcell, Sharon Harris and Judith Wheeler are keen to help residents combat the issue.

Cllr Harris said: "A lack of maintenance and fly-tipping and littering go hand in hand.

"If an area looks uncared for then this seems to make fly-tippers think that it is alright to dump their rubbish.

"I am incredibly proud to live in Warrington but the one thing that upsets me, on a daily basis, is the amount of fly-tipping and littering there is – especially in the greener parts of the town.

"People often think that fly-tipping and littering is someone else's problem but it affects us all and I take my hat off to those people who quietly pick up other people's rubbish and dispose of it properly and also to groups who organise litter picks – these activities generate pride.

"Warrington Borough Council spends a lot of time and money clearing up and safely disposing of it."