CONCERNS have been raised over parking problems at a business park in Fearnhead.

Issues have been caused by an increase in vehicles parking on Crab Lane after a business with more than 300 employees moved to an office on Cinnamon Park that has only 30 car parking spaces.

Former councillor and Mayor of Warrington Geoff Settle reported the issue to Warrington Borough Council.

He said: “Warrington is becoming a car park where the car park extends on to pavements and grass verges, causing pedestrians – especially those with wheelchairs and prams – issues and also blind spots to legitimate motorists trying to use the highway.”

In an email by Warrington Borough Council’s highways department, seen by the Warrington Guardian, officers stated that the police had been informed while landlords and businesses would be approached regarding the parking problems.

Residents will be consulted on possible permanent parking restrictions on Crab Lane.

The email stated: “The police have been informed, but I believe that they can only act if an obstruction of the highway or footway is observed.

“In the absence of parking restrictions, the council’s civil enforcement officers do not currently have any powers to enforce.

“Ultimately, if permanent restrictions are deemed necessary, we will need to consider carefully where the displaced parking is likely to go and try to ensure that we do not just transfer the issue to any neighbouring residential areas.”