LYMM Parish Council has agreed to initiate a neighbourhood plan to give residents the 'ability to advise and have a say on which green belt should be considered for building'.

Communities are being urged to put their views forward during the ongoing local plan preferred development option (PDO) public consultation.

The PDO sets out how Warrington can meet its development needs of approximately 24,000 new homes and 381 hectares of employment land over the next 20 years, with green belt land required to deliver around 9,000 of the homes.

The council considers 500 homes can be accommodated through releasing green belt in and around Lymm.

Warrington's first neighbourhood plan referendum was held on March 2 – it was for the Thorn ward of the Appleton parish.

Residents voted to adopt the neighbourhood plan, meaning it would subsequently form part of the planning assessment process and used as 'a curb on unwarranted development' in the area.

Lymm parish councillor Anna Fradgley, who is an 'avid supporter' of maintaining green belt land, has welcomed the decision to initiate a neighbourhood plan for the village.

She said: "Pressure to build on green belt has come from central Government, which the council now has to follow through.

"Inevitably, green belt is going to be built on whatever.

"But what this neighbourhood plan does is gives Lymm residents the ability to advise and have a say on which green belt should be considered for building.

"It is also an opportunity to look at the infrastructure for Lymm, the provision of mixed housing and not just executive homes, children play spaces, formal park areas, healthcare centres, employment land and the objective of the green belt in maintaining the integrity of this beautiful village.

"This would be a plan, which once taken to local referendum and approved by Warrington Borough Council, would be legally binding.

"It means that the residents have shaped their community and not just local government."

The neighbourhood plan project is being instigated by Lymm North and Thelwall borough councillor Bob Barr, parish councillor Graham Gowland and Cllr Fradgley.

While the councillors cannot be part of the project group, as it has to be resident-led, they will be involved in asking questions and available to advise on legalities.

"The project is to take up to two years but is a worthwhile cause," added Cllr Fradgley.

"Bob, Graham and I all have very different views on planning, which will mean that the outcome will be a reasoned and objective plan.

"This is only good for Lymm."

The public consultation runs until September 12.

For further information visit and type 'local plan' into the search box.

All residents' comments on the plans should be sent to