A ONE-MINUTE silence was held today, Wednesday, in memory of those who lost their lives in the Summerland tragedy including Alan Barker from Fearnhead and Sean Kelly from Woolston.

The two friends died when a fire destroyed the £2m Summerland indoor entertainment and leisure complex on the Isle of Man on August 2, 1973.

The one-minute silence marked the 44th anniversary of the blaze.

The tribute was held on the prom walkway which is across from the former site.

Tina Brennen has campaigned tirelessly to make sure the events of that day are never forgotten.

She said: "Last March I had a meeting with the ministers here and discussed my proposals for a memorial on the site to include one standing stone for each group of families and friends including one for Alan and Sean.

"There would be 17 stones in total along a Summerland Memorial Walkway leading down the cliff and on to the site culminating in a commemorative space.   

"I'm now awaiting their decision.

"They have told me they're considering all the options put to them before coming back to me."