A 10-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl was inspired to put pen to paper to write a poem after watching the One Love Manchester concert on Sunday.

Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School pupil Madaline Bond has called on the public to stand together to make sure love conquers all.

Her mum Danika Lamberth, from Fearnhead, said: "We were watching the concert and I asked Maddie how she felt about what has happened.

"Maddie and her younger sister were going to make posters.

"But she loves writing so we started coming up with ideas for a poem."

By the time the concert had finished, Madaline had completed her poem.

"I was filling up," said Danika.

"I believe coming from a 10-year-old it shows hope and belief in humankind."

Manchester, London, England and the world

We're not going to cave

We unite and stand together

We choose love not hate

We cherish our lives, our communities, our families, our environment, our friends

Don't let hate win, don't give in to evil don't fear, live your lives as your supposed to

You'll never break us

You'll never kill our souls

No matter how hard you try we will always stand together and unite, you will never beat us

We are England we are British

We are strong

We are proud nothing else matters


Try with all your might, try iwith all you can

You will never win

Love wins everytimes

TERRORISM will always lose!!!

We love LOVE and PEACE