YEAR one teacher Emma Thompson was selected as the first winner of the Warrington Guardian teacher of the month award after she was heralded as ‘one in a million’.

The St Ann’s Primary School teacher, who has been working at the school for more than two years, was nominated by parent Wendy Pitts for turning her son’s tears and tantrums into cheers and laughter.

Mum Wendy said Mrs Thompson has helped her son, Charlie, grow in confidence and finally find his voice when he moved into year one.

She added: “We were really apprehensive about Charlie starting a new routine with a new teacher and we expected a backlash when he came home.

“But instead we had a happy boy from day one, which is something we have never had before.”

Charlie has albinism, caused by a lack of the pigment melanin, which usually gives hair, skin and eyes their colour.

He also suffers from nystagmus, which is a continuous uncontrolled to and fro movement of the eyes, which can cause reduced vision.

Wendy said: “He has albinism and nystagmus. Mrs Thompson very quickly got to grips with his routine of suncream and different glasses but did it in a way where he took on the sole responsibility and learned to feel confident doing it.”

School used to be a distressing time for the seven-year-old but now he can’t wait to get back into the classroom.

Wendy added: “Charlie settled in so quickly and his confidence grew and grew. He absolutely loved Mrs Thompson and, for the first time, he really enjoyed going to school.

“He actually looked forward to going and, as a parent, that is the best gift ever.”

Mrs Thompson, from Manchester, always knew she wanted to be a teacher from an early age but said seeing children like Charlie come on leap and bounds is what makes the job so special.

She added: “I always wanted to help children and make a difference. It’s really rewarding.”

Each month, the Warrington Guardian celebrates the hard work, dedication and achievements of one deserving teacher in the town.

The award, which is sponsored by education recruitment and training consultancy Academics Ltd, honours a teacher who has made a real difference to the school community.

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