I think we have a bit of a problem with today's society. We have become a bunch of moaners and are very quick to blame others for their shortcomings.

Which is fine, of course, if there is actual blame to be apportioned.

I mention this after seeing a reader's letter in the Guardian last week which, at the time of writing, was one of the most read items on the paper's website.

The anonymous author of the letter (and who am I to criticise someone for wishing to remain anonymous?) admitted to being an 'elderly resident of Penketh'.

Now I'm going to take a punt here and assume it was a man. I don't know why I would make that assumption but I'm going to make it anyway.

The author of the letter is most unhappy and announced to the world that: "Penketh at the moment is not as good as it used to be."

He pointed out that Penketh Parish Council had put up its part of the council tax by nine per cent and proceeded to list all the things wrong with Penketh at the moment which included:

  • Poor street lighting
  • Dog poo filled streets,
  • Poor, inadequate GP surgery
  • Very inadequately run pharmacy
  • A rundown library
  • A freezing cold, rundown high school
  • A rundown leisure centre

To add to his list of complaints, he included the 'planters' in the middle of the dual carriageway that runs through Penketh.

And finally, there was an angst-filled complaint about the naturist naked swimming sessions at Penketh swimming pool.

All of this he laid fairly and squarely at the door of poor Penketh Parish Council.

Where do you start with a letter such as this?

Let's do it point by point shall we?

Poor street lighting is the responsibility of Warrington Borough Council, not the parish council.

Dog poo is, in the first instance, down to irresponsible owners. Policing of it is the responsibility of Warrington Borough Council.

Penketh Medical Centre on Honiton Way has nothing at all to do with Penketh Parish Council. It is an NHS service provider.

The pharmacy next to the medical centre is a private company and has nothing to do with the parish council.

The library is run by LiveWire on behalf of Warrington Borough Council and has nothing to do with the parish council.

Penketh High School is part of an academy trust and has nothing to do with Penketh Parish Council.

By 'rundown leisure centre' I assume our angry correspondent is referring to Penketh Parish Pool and Hall.

Now that is run by the parish council which is currently looking at ways to either replace or refurbish the buildings.

The somewhat weary-looking planters on the dual carriageway were provided with external funding to provide some extra greenery to soak up CO2. Have a trip to Woolston and you will see exactly the same thing.

And as for people swimming in the buff, I'm given to understand these sessions are private and closed to the public.

No one is going to make you swim naked if you don't want to.

There is a serious point to be made here. If our angry correspondent doesn't know who is responsible for what service, how many others are out there who are similarly ignorant of the way things run?

Perhaps it would be a good idea if people did a little research before rushing into print.

I have been watching the Revoke Article 50 petition on the Government's website with a certain amount of interest and have been idly musing if Warrington South MP Faisal Rashid has been taking note as well.

The Warrington South constituency has been something of a marginal seat over the years changing hands between Labour and the Tories on a number of occasions.

It will be difficult to call the outcome once boundary changes take effect but if there is a snap election in the coming weeks, one wonders just what effect the more than 9,000 Remainers who have signed the petition will have, given Mr Rashid's majority was just 2,549 at the last election.

and finally.

Money being spent on ridiculous plant holders on the central reservation on the main road.