I popped into town at the weekend and was quite taken with the rate at which the new town centre buildings are taking shape.

But the somewhat massive development does raise a couple of questions.

First up is the cladding that has started to appear on the side of the soon-to-be cinema. Now I think it's fair to say I am neither an architect nor a design expert and beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

However I firmly belong to the 'less-is-more' minimalist school of thought so the appearance of multi-coloured 'pyramids' adorning the side of the building jars a little with me.

And to make matters worse, the cinema's geometric designs seem to clash horribly with the hexagonal geometric designs on the Market car park.

Couldn't the architects have got together over a cup of tea and a biscuit and thrashed out some complementary geometry, I wonder?

Setting the cinema aside, we then come to the building which will eventually become the new council offices.

It's massive.

I am given to understand it will be home to 1,200 council employees when it's finally up and running, bringing together staff who are currently based at the Town Hall, New Town House and Quattro which is part of the New Town House complex.

The good news is the move may see the end of New Town House, a concrete brutalist architectural blot on Warrington's landscape

As part of the council's review of its estate once it has its new home, it has been suggested New Town House and Quattro will be demolished, a move I for one would wholeheartedly welcome,

But what of the Town Hall, what does the future hold for the Grade II listed building?

Well your guess is as good as mine.

At the moment, the plan is to ‘retain ownership and occupation’, whatever that means.

According to Local Democracy Reporter Aran Dhillon, councillors are being being pressed to finalise their plans and publish a clear strategy for the long-term future of the site, particularly as it is costly to run. It has also suffered a lot of damage over the years, however some refurbishment work has been taking place recently.

The Town Hall does offer a range of 'income opportunities' and the council's website states: "Warrington Town Hall is a grand setting, and can be hired for events, weddings, conferences and meetings,"

Given the status of the building as one of the town's major landmarks, I'd really rather like to know what the plans are, sooner rather than later.

I was contemplating getting Warrington South MP Faisal Rashid a present, a little gift to sum up my feelings towards him.

What one earth could I buy him, I wondered.

And then it came to me in a flash – some flip-flops to match his stance towards Brexit.

A couple of weeks ago, there was Mr Rashid saying he supported a people's vote (hot on the heels of his leader Jeremy Corbyn saying the Labour Party was supporting a second referendum).

Then lo and behold, Mr Corbyn rows back on his second referendum promise. So what does Mr Rashid do?

He suddenly decides the best way forward is a new withdrawal agreement as proposed by Labour (written in unicorn tears on fairydust paper in my opinion) and a second vote is relegated to the position of a last resort.

I actually have a letter from him telling me this.

Can't make my mind up if it's a flip or a flop but a little independent thinking and consistency from my MP wouldn't go amiss.

I live in west Warrington and over the years have seen huge swathes of land disappear under housing estates and shopping centres. There's not much open space left here now.

I wonder if it is time for the south side of the town to take its fair share of development in the future.

I don't want to start an east v west or north v south row but all the nimbyism we are hearing from south of the river is a little wearing.