My regular trips into the town centre are getting me increasingly excited.

What could be the cause of my excitement, you may ask.

The answer is the burgeoning cinema complex behind Bridge Street on the site of the old market.

I am just in awe of the scale of the development and I keep playing the 'spot the auditorium' game.

Just how many screens will it actually have, I wonder?

I genuinely hope when it is up and running – complete with piazza, new shops and casual dining – it will be the catalyst our town desperately needs.

In the first instance, having a cinema in the town centre should provide a huge boost to the nighttime economy, bringing a more family-friendly vibe.

And secondly, I hope it gives a real shot in the arm to local retailers.

Because let's face it, boarded up empty shops and unused retail units doesn't present a very successful image at the moment.

But there is no doubt the commercial landscape is shifting.

Here's just one little tale – a true story – that happened to me a few weeks ago.

I needed a new battery for my activity tracker.

This wasn’t for some obscure brand no one has heard of, it was for a fairly expensive Garmin device and was, I was assured, a standard watch battery.

No problem, I thought and headed into the town centre.

I tried four outlets I knew sold watch-type batteries.

In the first three, the man behind the counter looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

To be fair, the fourth man did try to help. He rooted round under the counter and got out a little measuring gauge before he finally admitted defeat.

He carefully explained the numbering convention for those little disc-shaped batteries and said he had found one that was the right width but it wasn’t thick enough. It would have cost me around £3.50 for one battery.

He said he could perhaps order the correct size for me but it would cost more.

Epic fail for the town centre shops then.

But 10 minutes on the internet produced multiple suppliers. A couple of clicks later, I had ordered a multi-pack of the correct battery (four batteries in total) that arrived at my house two days later. At a cost of just over £3.

Epic success for the internet then.

I would ask how can town centres hope to compete with that? Perhaps Warrington Council has found the key – entertainment and casual dining. It's the future...well let's hope it is.

I'm confused. Yes I admit that's a fairly normal state of affairs for me but I would like some clarification.

When you witness someone committing a criminal act, do you have-a-go or don't you?

I ask this question after reading the following Facebook post by Warrington Police this week.

Honourable mention to staff at Debenhams Golden Square after they yesterday gave chase to three females over Midland Way after they recognised them for a series of high value thefts of dresses since late July.

This developed into a full blown foot chase across Midland Way until officers could attend and make arrests.

They have since been charged with 3 thefts.

Well played.

#HereForYou And yet the internet is full of warnings from various police forces up and down the country advising people not to get involved.

Take this one for example from the West Midlands: “While we are extremely grateful to the member of public who intervened, this is not something we would advise people do because, as this incident shows, you never know what a fleeing suspect might have on them." (The fleeing suspect actually had an axe.) Or how about this headline from the Mail Online: Good Samaritan makes citizen's arrest on yob... and suffers five-month court ordeal after HE is accused of assault. Or maybe this one from the BBC: A father and son were charged with kidnap after making a 'citizen's arrest' on a boy they alleged smashed a window and spat at a customer at their chip shop.

We need a definitive answer.

Do we have a go or don't we? Over to you, Warrington Police.