THE announcement of a new £16 million redevelopment of Great Sankey Leisure Centre is great news for a recently neglected part of town.

In the past year people living in and around Barrowhall Lane have seen their doctor’s surgery moved to Orford without any announcement, had confirmation the primary school would be relocating down the road to Omega and played daily slalom with parked cars along the road.

So the construction of a shiny new centre to replace the creaking old 1970s facade of the old Sankey Forum is to be cheered.

Also the promise of a new car park and access point off Lingley Green Avenue will hopefully see much of the traffic removed from Barrowhall Lane – one of the boosts of the new home for the primary school.

Get past the buzz words, multiagency, dementia-friendly and neighbourhood hub, and there is plenty to like about these new plans.

The return of GP services within walking distances from what is a real ageing population among people who first moved to the area in the 1970s is perhaps the highlight.

But the benefits of leisure facilities, libraries and community groups under one roof, as has been highlighted at Orford Park (where the Great Sankey surgery now operates from), is clear to see.

And bosses promise there will be enough car parking to make sure that there is better access than Orford too.


THE issue of legal highs has been highlighted this week.

Four people were hospitalised and schoolchildren across Warrington have now been made aware of the dangers with letters being sent home to parents.

It is incumbent on all parents to know what their children are up to and to watch out for any changes in behaviour.

As health chiefs and police inspectors have said, these legal highs are extremely dangerous.

The amount you need to consume to cause problems is very small and impossible to be scientific about.

So the message is clear, avoid them completely.

Because if they are designed to make you high, they are not designed to be safe WARRINGTON Wolves signing of the latest young gun to hit the highs in Super League is another statement of intent.

Roger Draper, chief executive, has already stated his goal to make the Wolves the best club in the game.

So the £140,000 purchase of Tom Lineham from Hull FC, to go with that of Daryl Clark last year, is another sign the Wolves are not going to be satisfied with being fifth in the league and losing in semi-finals.

With the introduction of a marquee signing – one you can pay more money for – there could be more to come.


IN last week’s Podium we referred to the anti-fracking protest close to the Thelwall Viaduct.

We would like to point out the protest is not at Woolston Eyes and the work will have no effect on the area